Friday thoughts.

Can I live here?


Some people dream of wild African safaris, or exotic camel rides across the Sahara – but if you ask me, the most OUTRAGEOUS and AMAZING adventure I can fathom is to simply stroll the streets of Paris – croissant in hand, beret tilted just so atop my head.

Now here’s the kicker…despite the fact that I grew up overseas and have been on more plane trips than I could ever attempt to count, none of them have been to the European continent.  For realzsies.  Mmmmhmm.  No London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin,  — okay you get the picture.

The closest I’ve been?  Well, are we counting EPCOT or Busch Gardens? 😉



Okay, really though.  Paris, France is on the top of my list for many reasons…including my dream of seeing the Arc de Triomphe, (don’t ask my why, but I want to see this more than the Eiffel Tower) enjoying macaroons and Disneyland Paris.  Sad for me, my parents, sister and other family WILL be traveling there (and all around France) this summer as my cousin is getting married there!  The timing just didn’t work out for me though, as I have about .08 hours of vacation time…

Umm, adorable.


But you know what’s great about said low vacation time?  It’s only June…which means by the end of the year, there will be quite a bit more.  Maybe in time for the moment when I win this…

Dreams come true.


See, this really pretty and amazing blog, Oh Happy Day – well, they’re just a little more pretty and amazing because Jordan is honest-to-goodness hosting the bestest (yes, it deserves an -est) giveaway I have ever seen offered: a TRIP TO PARIS!  Serious – airfare, 7-night stay in a super posh boutique hotel AND perhaps the best of all – two days of personal hosting around Jordan’s favorite places!  Talk about seriously enhancing a trip with a super neat tour guide!

So as I sit here and dream – please check out her blog and sign up for your own chance to win the trip!  It’s a trip for two, so y’know…if ya win…and I’m the one who told ya about it…jus saying 😉

Have you ever been to Paris?



  1. Yes…but I am from England so I only have to hop on a train! lol Your right, you don’t have to anything but walk when you get there, every corner is more beautiful than the next, as are the people, the fashion and the food yummmm 🙂

  2. never been. my sisters both have though. my only trip off-continent was to germany for our honeymoon. we flew into Berlin after a layover in NY, then stayed with family for a bit before driving around most of the country in a rental car over the course of about 3 weeks. it was gREAT and i can’t wait to go back!

  3. I’m dying to visit Europe someday! We are waiting (impatiently LOL) for our friend to propose soon. The wedding will be in Germany and we will fly over at that time. I totally understand about just wanting to soak everything in casually. There is so much I want to see, I know I would never fit it all in within a 1-2 week time frame.

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