Thirteen days…

For Realz.


It’s been thirteen days since I have eaten meat.  (It would have been since June 1, really, but on June 4 we went to a Korean restaurant and I ordered a tofu dish and they brought beef.  The restaurant was going to close in 15 minutes.  I ate the beef.)

…and as per usual, I do have some thoughts to share about it.


You see, this time, it’s not about a 30-day try or something, but more of a transitional “what the heck am I!? ” kind of phase – of course that sentiment being…am I a vegan?  NO, that did not work for me and I like cheese + eggs too much – though I am down with their baking!  Am I a vegetarian?  Not really, because I have had tuna and still don’t feel “weird” eating it.  Do I want to be considered a locavore?  Eh, do I REALLY want to play 20 questions with the grocer at the store or the server at the restaurant?  But – if I don’t want to do that, am I lazy and not standing up for what I honestly do believe are good concepts?


It’s really a slippery slope.  In the back of my mind, it is so easy to think – hey, I can just be like EVERYONE ELSE and just accept the fact that the Standard American Diet (ironically – SAD) is just that – a fact of life – and that we all choose our poison in respects to vices and their relation to our lengivity, right!?

Ahh, if it was that easy.

La dee dah...


But back to my original thought – which got lost in my whimsical musings…which is all about the idea of AGREEING to DISAGREE.

See, I try to downplay the fact that I’ve whittled meat out of my everyday consumption, and that’s for two main reasons:

  1. It’s really nobody’s business
  2. People like to assert their opinions
And as MUCH as I do like a healthy debate, I also don’t like running around in circles when there is NOT going to be a winner – it’s just a waste of time and energy.  I LIKE when people can prove me wrong (even if it doesn’t always show that way on my face) and I enjoy learning other opinions.  I just don’t see any point when others are on some diatribe with the assumption they can change my mind.
FOR EXAMPLE…if the topic ever comes up (and it does, randomly) that I haven’t taken a bite of chicken in a year, the first question is usually, “why?”  To this, I have a few choices…I could be truthful and honest about my beliefs, which could subsequently result in my conversation partner to wretch and/or get wretchedly mad at me OR I could just cop out and say, “it’s just a personal choice.”
For those that know me fairly well, they know that I did drop 20+ lbs last year, and at this point in the conversation, they ask if my choice is about health, or if I am worried I am going to get fat.  To this…well, I still eat chocolate and search for cupcakes at every chance that I get and I don’t think that’s gonna make me any skinnier, so that assumption is moot.  Plus, helllo, that’s kinda rude.


If then, the topic is turned the other way – you know, about animal welfare, it gets sticky too.  I do believe that animals deserve respect just like any other living, breathing creature, but I am no PETA fanatic either.  But, I can tell ya, I am getting sick of people telling me things like “God put these animals on Earth for us to eat them.”  Umm, really?  You’re gonna start a religious debate ON TOP OF it all?  I mean, I respect all religions and beliefs, but I am quite sure that no gods, idols or other assorted deities advocated for the idea of today’s modern factory farm.  Just being honest.
I mean, really.  Where do we draw the line?  I want to live a normal life and make the best choices possible for my body and the environment, but it definitely can be a struggle.  I haven’t 100 percent decided how I will eat in the future…heck – I haven’t even decided what we might have for dinner tonight!
I can be a real broken record.
If you could physically survive without eating, would you do it?  Or would you miss food too much?

3 thoughts on “Thirteen days…

  1. i LOVE food. in high school when people who didn’t know me asked why i was so skinny, they always had this “are you anorexic” look on their face. i had to constantly explain that i love food too much to be anorexic and i hate vomiting too much to be bulemic. as for today’s food choices, my motto is everything in moderation. but i know that doesn’t work for everyone. some people go organic, some people go vegan. i eat whatever i feel like and i let every one else do the same. whatever the reason. that’s between them and their metabolism.

  2. I think everyone should eat and do whatever they feel comfortable with! I’m proud of you Krissy!! Just make sure you’re getting enough protein!!! (ha that’s the “dietitian” in me coming out) But I know you get all your protein! ha

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