Rough Run.

Running is fun!  But…running is hard!!

But let’s back up.

The run is nothing but a memory now...

So, I set the alarm this morning, with the idea of hitting 7 easy miles, as per my plan…

JUN 13
JUN 14
JUN 15
JUN 16
JUN 17
JUN 18
JUN 19
19 Mi

Dist: 6 Mi

Dist: 6 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi

I woke at 5:30 AM and hit the road about 20 minutes later (it took me a little longer to decide what I wanted to go out with, gear-wise – Sony Walkman?  iPod?  Nathan pak?  Camelbak?)  The temperature was moderate – probably around 75, and the humidity high.  Not bad.  I toddled along, feeling a little slow on that first mile, though my Garmin soon chirped at me that I logged Mile 1 at 9:05.  Whoops, too fast!

Soon enough, I eased into my long run pace, and was feeling good.  I had mapped out my approximate route, headed south from our house to downtown.

And that’s when it happened.

Double whoops - and ooh, it's JUST CLOUDY now, huh??

Rain.  And not just rain, but POURING RAIN.  A little after 6 AM.  How often does that happen?

I had just made it to the downtown mall, and so I kept truckin’.  Rain ain’t gonna hurt me…I am tough….just….keep…swimming…

Yup, it wasn’t just running at this point.  I felt like I needed a wetsuit.  Between my Camelbak spitting water out the bit valve all over my midsection, to the torrential raindrops pelting me in the face, I was not only wringing out my tanktop, but madly blinking, as sweat and rain mixed to form a blinding mix that obstructed my vision.

Annnddd that’s when I saw it.

Starbucks on Elliewood & University

See, I made it this far…from home to downtown is about 3.5 m, then out to the Corner, it’s 5 even.  I began analyzing my options…see, I could just stop now (at mile 5) since I did an extra two miles on Friday that were unscheduled…I’d still be at my planned 20 miles for the week…and since Starbucks just HAPPENED to be there…I could pop in…grab a coffee…call hubs and have him pick me up…I mean, I DO have that Starbucks gift card app…

“NO, Krissy,” my mind exclaimed, “keep RUNNING!  Be tough! YOU CAN DO THIS!”

And so….I sadly trudged on, taking careful footing atop the brick paved walkway…picked up the pace with new enthusiasm as I told myself that I was STRONGER than that, I could do it, I could take on the world, I could –

Oh look, a bridge I can hide under!

I stopped there for about 3 minutes, as the rain was still streaming down, cascading over the edge of the overpass like my own personal Schweitzer Falls.


But the other part of myself returned, “but you could just call hubs….he could pick you up!  With a NICE warm towel….a hoodie…a hot coffee…dry shoes…”

I retorted, “self, this is JUST AN EASY TRAINING RUN!  What will you do if it RAINS in RICHMOND?!  Are you just gonna throw in the towel this easy?”

Amidst this inner dialogue, I popped a Clif Shot Blok, swigged back some water, and let all the thoughts mull over for a second…

"Don't be a jackass!* Keep running!!"

My conscience won.

As I inched closer to home, I passed two fellow runners – they looked a lot drier than me, as by now, the rain was finally waning.  The first returned my friendly wave, while the second completely ignored me!  WHATEVER, running karma!!!!!  I hit 7 miles…was still about a mile out from home and that fact propelled me one more…

Sweet victory.

As I rounded up the course down 29 and back up home, I was lifted with pure, adrenaline-fueled elation.  When 8 miles hit on my Garmin (and consequently, 8.79 on the Nike+ app!?!?!?!) I adjusted into a slower gait back to the condo and straight to the shower.  AHHHHMAZING.  Nothing feels better than a hot shower after a bone-soaking run!!!!!!

After I returned back to the land of the living (definitely zoned in the shower for about 10 minutes) it was time for a little power nap, then some Electrolyte-replacing Zico (as pictured above) and some general confusion concerning the Nike+ and Garmin discrepancies.


I didn’t sweat it though – and within about an hour, hubs and I were hitting the road off to NoVa for some family-visitin’ and of course, a stopover at Dunkin Donuts for my celebratory Iced Coffee and eggwhite + cheese wake-up wrap!  Ahhhh.  All’s well that ends well.

Have you ever had a really mentally and physically challenging workout?  How did you deal?  How did it end up?


    • LOL, I felt like all the people in cars that drove by were probably thinking I was totally crazy. And they wouldn’t be wrong..hah! 😉 Thanks for the support!

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