Schedule settling.

Here’s the line up for this week:

JUN 20
JUN 21
JUN 22
JUN 23
JUN 24
JUN 25
JUN 26
26 Mi

Dist: 2 Mi

Dist: 6 Mi, inc
Warm; 4 Mi @ 9:02; Cool

Dist: 18 Mi

As of now, I am on track for the week! 😉  After Sunday’s run, I made the executive decision to officially name Monday my new REAL rest day and I had a lovely evening full of a nice spaghetti dinner, television and reading before hitting the hay a little after 9:30 PM (amazing)!!

This morning was a nice easy (slow) run.  I did, however, run the ‘easy’ pace of 6.0 on the treadmill, which is supposed to translate to a 10-minute mile, but somehow was 9:30 average pace by the time the quick run was said and done.  After that, I did a few of the weight machines since I had about 20 minutes to spare.  Great energizing morning!!

Along with my summer Bikram package, I am averaging about three classes a week – typically it’s been Tues, Thurs and Saturday, though they can be interchanged – and last week just got so busy I only made it to two – training is going well.  Since it was $300 for three months unlimited, I calculated it out that I want to hit at least 20 classes to make the price worth its while – and then that cuts the monthly minimum to seven, which I will be hitting today.  Next week, hubs will be visiting family in Midwest for a week(ish) so I’ll probably go everyday!!  Viva la activities.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that I’ve been a lot hungrier than usual since upping the mileage, as well as adding in the Bikram.  I am working on making sure I am fueled through the whole day, as to not have tummy aches or hunger attacks!  I have gone back to doing some calorie counting, just so I know where I stand with cals in and out…definitely need to stay at good levels so I don’t get really tired or worn out.  Fortunately, I still have the “lose it!” app on my iPhone, and though that’s not the purpose I am counting for, it does make it easy to do quick calculations.  Whew.

Who knew prepping for 26.2 would involve so many calculations?

What’s on your agenda for the week?  Anything exciting?

5 thoughts on “Schedule settling.

    • I was so excited for that Bikram deal – back when we lived in Orlando, that’s the auto-debit rate I had ($99/month) but since moving, I haven’t found anything else that worked or made sense financially so I was doing the occasional $15 drop in classes here. I feel much better with Bikram in my life!! 🙂 Hope you can find some good deals soon… =D

  1. The heat is insane this week, so I plan to hit the gym for some good workouts. Yesterday I did an 8 mile power-walk, 4 miles on a steep incline. It felt really good, and I might just do it again every day 🙂 My right foot has been giving me troubles, so it’s keeping me from jogging/running. 😦

    Oh, and I also signed up for 5K on the 4th of July, but might have to walk it if my foot is still troublesome.

    • There ain’t no shame in walking a 5k! I walked a 5k and even a 10k (jog/walk/trot/skip/crawl) before I started running seriously. 😀 Go get it, girl!

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