Why do we blog?

Since Elementary School, I’ve kept a journal of some sort – my first was a multicolored Hallmark diary, complete with combination lock. It held secrets about the goings-on about my day, life’s frustrations (HAH!) and other important issues.  I can still see it clear in my mind, with my blocky handwriting and weirdly angled lowercase a’s.

Not mine, but for illustrative purposes...

In Middle School, I ‘graduated’ to Black and White Composition Books, which were kept synchronously between me and my BFFs – they were like ongoing letters or commentaries, really, but expressed and chronicled all the important news of our lives.  These volumes evolved to include drawings, sketches, illustrations…even taped in-photos and other momentos, complete with our unfiltered thoughts about them all.  It’s funny to think how important some things seemed then.

If books could talk...

Moving on into High School, I got my very own Livejournal.  I wrote a lot of rambly and incoherent things, but somehow made some friends on there and even joined some communities.  In fact, I winded up creating a community for the Fall 2006 Walt Disney World College Program as a way to make some connections and friends for my post-grad adventure.  (Un)fortunately, my involvement with LJ kinda fell off the radar once Facebook took over my life, but I am so fortunate for the friends I made (that became IRL friends!) and, fun fact, hubs made a Livejournal page of his own back when we first started dating, which provided a little insight into his mind! 🙂

Fast forward to 2009.

I created “Keepin’ it Real…Organized” as a wedding planning blog mere days after hubs proposed.  I hadn’t been one of those girls who always dreamed about her perfect wedding, but now that I was in charge of rounding up the shindig, by golly, I was gonna be organized about it!  I was also a very active member of Weddingbee and after I eased into the groove of my regular blogging, I applied to be a bee.  Well, long story short – I didn’t make the cut.  It was very dramatic for me then, because I felt like I in fact did have a unique theme, writing style…etc.  I wanted so badly to be a bee that it really affected my drive to improve my blog when I was rejected.  In fact, it’s probably why I never completed my recaps (whoops!) but live and let live, right?  (Oh, BTW, who got blogged ANYWAY by a major wedding BLOG???  That’s right! 😉 )

Despite that momentary drama, I did muster up some energy to start a spin-off blog to document newlywed life and well, the rest they say is history.  From decisions over electronics purchases , the great debate over Kindle vs. Nook to chronicling special assignments during my time at Disney and new life changes (starting to run, doing a 30-day Bikram challenge + trying veganism) I would say that the chronicling has been quite successful.  Not only have I been able to preserve my thoughts on particular moments in my life as they happened, but in this blogging medium, I have been blessed to meet many other like-minded individuals, as well as been able to keep my friends and family up-to-date with the goings-on in my life.

Which leads to now…

Me + Lulu = ❤
I enjoy blogging for the fun of it – and through it, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of fun people.  Kath, for one – my first encounter with a blogger celebrity; and more recently, Allie!  Each day, I learn of new fun bloggers to follow and in my mind, we are BFFs – from ‘healthy living’ blogs, to food and recipe blogs, running blogs and every mix of them in between – it’s what prompted me to do a little housecleaning a few months back, creating the subject headings and a more personal “About” page.
As I continue on, I know this blog will always be a place I can turn to where I can say what I am thinking and share the special things in my life with an audience bigger than any cardboard-backed diary or ragged notebook.  I might not always have the most professional photos or groundbreaking commentary on the latest poltical scandal, but the fact is…I’ll be here, blogging.
If you do…why do YOU blog?  If you don’t…why dontcha?


  1. I blog because I love meeting people…esp. those who share the same interests and tastes. I mean, I doubt my personal friends would care the least bit about brewing kombucha :). It’s nice to have a place to release your thoughts…and have people actually reading!

    • Definitely agree with that sentiment! LOL – I liked your comment about your personal friends caring about kombucha – my hubs hardly ever reads my blog!

  2. Due to some personal reasons, I recently deleted my blog and my twitter 😦 but I still regularly follow my favorites.

    • I was wondering what happened! Hugs, girl. Make sure you let me know if you ever need anything =)

  3. it’s not so much a journal for me, but more a way to show family and friends what we’re up to. but i also like showing off my work to other quilters/crafters/etc, so i try to keep it semi-personal but without any specific details for safety/security’s sake.

    • I love your blog because I feel like even though we’re far apart, I can keep up with your crafty & family adventures =)

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