Help Wanted.



So, in relation/response to my recent post about blog purpose, I am debuting a new (and kinda cheesy – har har) concept for my blog direction: theme.

And no, I am not talking about Medieval, 80’s or luau – though that might be interesting (thought bubble) – I am thinking more along the lines of structured blogging – like the already established What I Ate Wednesdays, or my personal fave, wordless wednesdays.

It’s been floating around my head lately, and I am not 100 percent sold on the titles/posting frequency self-requirements, but here’s a rough idea of what I am considering for the future of Shiawase Life:

Posting Volume –  no less than 5 posts a week

Structure –  a weekly rotation:

  • Monday – Marathon Mondays –  marathon training and/or other running related topics
  • Tuesday – Tune-in Tuesdays – music; playlist sharing, new video discoveries or other related topics
  • Wednesday – wordless wednesdays – self explanatory!
  • ThursdayTaste THIS! Thursdays – food or recipe feature
  • Friday – Friday Feature – showcasing blogs that I love; could be related to any of the above topics, or, of course, DISNEY 😉
  • Saturday/Sunday – Surprise!  There won’t always be weekend posts, but if they are, they are a mixed bag; maybe some deeper thoughts and/or reader suggestions that are just random 🙂
I think this structure will make it more streamlined for me to prepare blog posts, rather than just madly typing them out and publishing as fast as my fingers let me, plus will distribute the balance of my blog.  I know one thing that I really love about some of my favorite blogs is I know their posting schedule, perhaps a more evenly flowing blog will increase my readership/comment participation…and since you all KNOW my schedule now, if one of those topics interests you more than another, you’ll know what day you should hop on by! 🙂
What would YOU like to see more of in my blog?  
Take my survey to share your thoughts and to make my blog more awesome! 🙂



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