Birds of a feather…

Hey!  Do you know someone who is…
  • Pint-sized and petite?
  • Super fun?
  • Disney-lovin’ ?!
  • Goofy as can be ?
  • Recently moved North from Florida???
Well, if you answered with ME (as in me, Krissy!) you’d be …well, flattering me!  Super fun?  Thanks!  😉
But today, I am talking about someone else who matches up to all of the above (and then some!) and is probably definitely one of the neatest people you will meet.  Ever.
It’s Amanda, of Amanda McMahon Photography!
Since making the decision to streamline my blog posts, and thusly creating this idea of Friday Features, I have been busy crafting lists of all the amazing people and places that I have learned a bout through the power of the Internet.  I definitely have a lot of interests and want to be able to share all that I have found with you – so what better person to feature than Amanda?  She was our wedding photographer, helped me organize a fantastic Trash the Dress for me and one of my BFFs,  and more importantly, became one of my dear friends.
Yeah, when else have I looked this good? 😉
So, not only am I sharing her gorgeous pic in my post, but three amazing destinations to feast your eyes on:
  1. Her gorgeous Photography Website
  2. Her inspiring and fun Photography Blog (and!)
  3. A NEW blog of hers that chronicles the adventure of first-time homeownership
Since I really cannot compete (ever) with the photo quality of her work, I will refrain from stealing displaying images from any of the above locales, but please, if you’re looking for inspiration in your life, you’ll find it from just a small interaction with Amanda.  Truly.  She started her own business and continues to thrive, despite picking up and moving many miles from her family, among other challenges that life has thrown her – and continues to traverse regions far and wide to pursue her passion.
Who inspires you?


  1. awww Krissy! Wow, thank you so much… I am beyond flattered and honored to be featured here! lots of love to you!

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