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Welcome to another exciting addition of…Friday Features!

Today, I am super stoked to introduce Julie and her blog, “A Case of the Runs

She's awesome!


I stumbled upon her blog a while back, when partaking in one of my more recent favorite hobbies – reading blog comments!  She linked her blog, of course, and how could resist chuckling at the witty double entendre title?  (for those of you reading this blog that don’t run…well, let’s just leave it there!)

There are many things that I love about her blog, but if I had to make a brief list of reasons YOU (yes, YOU!) should add Julie to your Google reader, they would be:

  • It’s easy to pick up!  In this, I mean you can jump right in to her entries because her entries are unique and don’t require complicated backstories – and when they happen to be more complex, she does an excellent job at linking back and even has a cast of characters reference in her about page.  Very cool.
  • It’s got variety!  While running remains the main focus of her blog, there are many posts which detail product reviews, her educational pursuits, recipes and restaurant write-ups.  Oh, and sweet giveaways!  But that’s for my next point…
  • Giveaways!  Julie does not mess around here.  I mean, c’mon, I won a Sony Walkman from her!!  Amazing.  And she has a really cool giveaway going on right now that you should check out, so this reason is very timely.
  • It’s just a great blog to read.  Seriously.  If you are interested in a continuous stream of quality content and insight from a very down-to-earth and intelligent perspective, Julie’s blog should be on your radar.  She has a PhD, for crying out loud!!
So, race on over and leave Julie some love!  Your blog reading will be forever enhanced!
What blogs are you loving lately?

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