Um, yes, this is still a running-related post.  I just am sitting here giggling in my hotel room and repeating “chowda.”

So, yeah, quick story here – I went to Legal Sea Foods for take-out dinner after browsing Tyson’s Corner for 4+ hours…I seriously WAS going to order a salad and clam chowder, but after I saw the Vegetarian Box on the menu: Asian flavored stir-fried vegetables, Thai Red Coconut Curry Sauce, Cashews, Tofu and Brown Rice. Um, color me that chick that orders french fries at a Mexican restaurant or something, but I knew I had to get it!  And OH MAH GAH, I do not regret it one bit.  That thing was freaking amazing, I even gave it 5 stars on Yelp!

Anywho.  Running.  Oh yes.

I bought this at Lucy:

It's called the Run Power headband...that counts, right!?

I got it on sale for $7, it has a pony tail peephole thingy and the grippy stuff on the inside.  Technical, I know.

But (I know, I know!) back to the running.

See – I started out okay yesterday – easy 10 pace, temp wasn’t to bad, yadda yadda…but somewhere around mile 4 (on the planned 16) the arch of my foot started feeling a little weird.  Then the heel.  And back of leg.  Blah.  I didn’t want to hurt myself, but felt stubborn about ‘giving up’ too.  So, I reasoned – slow it down, if it still feels bad…there ain’t no shame in stopping!  So, after I hit mile 6, I called hubs and he picked me up – went home, I took a shower and went back to bed for a few hours….then I had my drive up to McLean, VA for work, and reasoned I could do 10 miles on the treadmill.

I got all dressed up and what not for running, but within that first mile, it felt kind not 100 percent, so I just did one more then did about 15 minutes on the elliptical to round it out – so 8 instead of 16.  There’s been worse things.

This week:

JUL 11
JUL 12
JUL 13
JUL 14
JUL 15
JUL 16
JUL 17
22 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi

Dist: 8 Mi

Since I am in the hotel and not in my regular mode, I already tweaked the schedule a little – considering I didn’t hit all 16, I didn’t feel like a short run this morning would be bad, so a quick 3 miler it was!  Either tomorrow or Weds, I’ll do 4 more morning miles and even it up.

How do you deal with setbacks?



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