…just SINGING in the RUN…

Do you sing while working out/running?

I remember Christine asking me this on twitter before, and suddenly, it occured to me this morning on my easy 3-miles, that yes, I do…and yes, I enjoy it.  Good thing no one else was in the fitness center this morning! 😉

I was glad to hear this song ^ this morning, for a few reasons:

  1. It was the Jimmy Eat World Pandora* station – always good to hear what you want to hear…
  2. I love Jimmy Eat World (duh)
  3. This song has a great running beat!  Never noticed that until today either..
  4. I have been listening to a lot of Pop radio lately for my runs, but after reading through all of Hungry Runner Girl’s posts (yes, I did this yesterday and I am not afraid to admit it) I thought I’d give a different genre a chance.
Anywho, there ya have it.  Several tangents attempting to co-exist in an organized list!  I think it worked out in the end, and if you abstract NOTHING ELSE from this post, just visualize me singing (badly) while running and that should at the VERY LEAST give you a chuckle this fine and steamy Tuesday.
* Side note: Do any of you have Pandora One?  I am debating getting it, as I do listen to a whole lotta Pandora and lately have been growing tired of hearing the Subway Pulled Pork sandwich ad – y’know, considering I haven’t been eating meat…and even when I was, hearing about saucy meat while working out just doesn’t jive with me…ick.

4 thoughts on “…just SINGING in the RUN…

  1. Yes, I finally bought it so while I’m working I don’t have to turn down my speakers when a commercial comes on. Can’t remember how much it was though. Maybe 30 bucks for the year or something. I recommend it if you listen to a lot of pandora!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Brooke! I think I will invest in it! I reached my listening limit last month if that tells you how often I am on it! 🙂

    • It’s funny because I sing so horribly…I have to mentally tell myself to lower my volume when there are others around 😉

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