The taste of happiness.





I have an addictive personality.

Tampa, Florida

I mean, well, you could also say that I KNOW what I like.  Yeah, that sounds better.  Never mind the fact that in this blog’s 1.5 year existence, I’ve blogged about it THREE. SEPARATE. TIMES…or that I have a list on Yelp that’s strictly dedicated to reviewing the fruity, icy sensations that this establishment is clearly the master of…yup, let’s dismiss that all…

Nassau, Bahamas

Oh, you haven’t spent $7+ on a concoction of ice, fruit and magic while on your Disney Cruise Vacation?  And you haven’t almost been brought to tears when you realized that the Disneyland’s Downtown Disney location was under refurbishment during the week you traveled there?

Well gee…I am kind of embarrassed now.


Sure, you might call these ‘just another smoothie’ – but in my world, Jamba Juice is KING.  Maybe it’s that energizing citrus scent that permeates your senses the moment you enter their store…or the fond memories of grabbing fresh smoothies while on vacation in Hawaii…maybe it’s the fact that I have never lived somewhere that had one…but to me, it’s just magical.

And some magic is definitely going down this weekend!  Why/where/how, you may ask??


Yes!  The long-awaited weekend is so close I can almost taste it.  I am so stoked that hubs and I are going to be driving from Charlottesville, VA down to the Charlotte, NC area to see some good friends!  And by good, I really mean great.  Like fantabulously amazing, known-homegirl-since-Middle School!  And her equally rad husband, of course 🙂

We’ll be driving up on Saturday morning, hanging out at their digs, then on Sunday, we’ll drive over to the Raleigh-Durham area, spend the night, then do a little exploring around those parts on Monday.  Yeah, we are totally making it a three-day weekend.  So what if I have to call in to a conference call?  That’s the beauty of technology.

It was just an amazing bonus that my favoritest place ever just happens to have three locations for my  slurping satisfaction.  Because as much as I love Jamba, family and friends always take the, smoothie.

What’s your favorite food/drink/place ever?










  1. I too, love the JJ, buuuut nearby Raleigh in Cary, NC where I attended most of high school is place called Juice it up that seriously could give them a run for their money. No idea if it’s even still open though. 🙂 I’m also jealous of the delicious local food you’re about to sample as well!

    • Oooh! Thanks for the tip, Margaret! I will have to look it up…and yes, I am looking forward to the eating aspect of this trip greatly 🙂

    • We had NO smoothie places where I went to college 😦 TOTAL sad face. Here in town, we have Smoothie King (which is okay) and Tropical Smoothie Cafe (also just okay)

  2. never been to jamba, but when it comes to smoothies, i prefer smoothie king over tropical smoothie cafe. probably because we had smoothie king near my college and their set-up just made the most sense to me. but, of course, there isn’t a smoothie king in or around cocoa. so we make smoothies at home out of simply raspberry lemonade, frozen strawberries and frozen bananas (no ice).

    but there IS a firehouse subs! and that, i’d have to say, is my favorite place to eat. at least right now. AND they’ve built a firehouse subs in Minnesota (my homestate) too!

    • I also prefer SK over TSC….I just think SK has TOOOOOOOO many choices (I know, weird complaint) and I have to study their menu online before I go. I think it’s also too expensive for what it is, but what can you say?

      I also kind of miss Planet Smoothie, which I became pretty fond of when we lived in Orlando.

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