Our Southern Weekend!

Welcome to Monday/Tuesday/I have no idea what day it is…oh, maybe ‘cos I took a three day weekend!  Muhaha!  And as a result, my blog posts are scrambly.  Hope y’all don’t mind…how’s about I pop in a little weekend review?  Would that work?

Me + Wiggles!

Yeah?  Yeah!  Okay, let’s back track a bit…

En route.

This past weekend was the long-awaited trip down to Charlotte to see our good friends April and Ryan!  I have been friends with April since Middle School and though I have seen her a few times since then (saw her in Orlando on two occasions – a biz trip of hers and a wedding) I was psyched to see where she and Ryan they lived!

Hubs + some pretty green scenery

The drive wasn’t bad at all!  We left Cville around 7ish and made it to Charlotte by lunchtime!  Once we arrived, we were given the grand tour of their condo (on the lake!) and then headed out for some lunch…had an awesome (‘scuse me, EPIC) tuna burrito at Cabo Fish Taco then headed downtown to see the new and modern buildings and the cool art museum!

Outside the Bechtler Museum

After the museum, we took a stroll around the modern downtown area (the Epicenter was really quite neat!) and I was quite amused by Dale Earnhardt Jr’s awesome bar…

The Men posing in front of the awesome Whisky River Bar 😉
From the soon-to-open Wells Fargo museum...

Next stop after downtown…RED MANGO!  My first visit.  Soo good.  Dare I say, better than Menchies?


Wowzas…as if the day couldn’t get any better, we then took the boat out on the lake that evening – swimming and wakeboarding into the sunset (well, hubs wakeboarded…I lounged and ate tons of cherries and spit the seeds off the side) then hit up a sushi bar for some late night bites!

'Antiquity' - in Cornelius, NC

The next morning, we slept in (and I *gasp* skipped my long run) and then headed out for brunch at Cafe 100 – I had Oreo Pancakes…need I really say more about how awesome that place was?  Mmm…then, we did a little driving/touring around, saw the Davidson Campus + even stopped into a few open houses in the area for fun.

Before we knew it, we bid our fair hosts goodbye, and headed off to our next weekend destinations…


Unfortunately, we were struck by summer storms, and therefore took a little longer than expected to get to the Raleigh/Durham area.  We hit dinner soon after arriving at our Durham-area hotel and after we got back, I rocked out a 5 mile speed session on the treadmill.  Boom!  I watched the Fox Animation lineup…Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad…good times.  It sure wasn’t the 20 I had planned, but it was a run, and it was a good one…clocked my last mile at 7.47!  So if the road hadn’t tired me out, that run certainly did – we both passed out in that comfy king-sized bed!!

Wiggles wanted to sleep in!

We got up at a fairly reasonable 8:30 AM and headed out for some breakfast before doing a little exploring around the Research Triangle area…holy IBM, Batman!  That campus looked huge!  Anywhos, after an hour so of driving around, we stopped in to a Caribou Coffee so I could dial in to my conference call for work.

Wiggles loves lattes as much as I do!

The call was painless, and an hour later, we were off again!  We did some more driving around…searched for Jamba Juice...sadly, the quest proved to be futile because the one I was planning on visiting in Chapel Hill was on the UNC campus and CLOSED.  Oh, sad day.  I was tempted to take a pic of the closed facade but it was too depressing!  At least we had that good fro-yo the day before!

Hubs had been driving the WHOLE time, so after making a very necessary stop to Trader Joe’s in Chapel Hill, I volunteered to drive back home.  It took only 3.5 hours!  Not bad at all!  And as much fun as we had over the long weekend, it sure felt nice to see the Charlottesville signs welcome us back!

What was your last road trip?  Where did you go?


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