DR. MARATHON (Or How I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Run)

For the past few weeks of Marathon Training, I have felt a certain kinship with the hour of 5 AM…from weekday pre-work runs (that range in distances from 2-8 miles) to the Sunday longruns, 5 AM has just worked. Now, the routine for each run – that certainly is a flexible and evolving entity in itself!

For the easy, speed or tempo runs during the week, I usually fuel with just water. Usually a big glass of ice-cold water, mind you, but no food – I’m usually not hungry yet. However, on Sundays, I fix myself toast with nut butter (sunflower seed, almond or peanut) and eat it, whether I am hungry or not! And 9 times out of 10, by the time I smell the toast heating up, my tummy will start growling for it anyway 🙂

Since summer began, 5 AM also heralds the luxury of the first glimmers of daylight – I can hit the pavement soon after my toast and see the sun come up! Unfortunately though, I noticed something last week – the sun wasn’t coming up until later! See, early June had ~5:45 AM sunrises, and now as we enter August, it’s charted at 6:10 AM – and according to historical records, by the end of the month, it’ll be closer to 6:30 AM. Yes, yes – I am aware of the fact that summer days are longer and I haven’t uncovered some kind of scientific anomaly, but it has never been so apparent to me how much of an impact daylight has on schedule making!

Which leads me to the point of this post – to divulge the fact that I slept in until 6 AM yesterday before my long run! Wow! Total scandal, right?! 16 miles were on deck for this week’s episode of the Sunday Long Run – and I was going to do something else new and controversial – run my route BACKWARD!

Tee hee.


Haha, but really. It was definitely a good decision, seeing as the difference in an hour was really noticeable from the get go! The temperature was hovering around the mid 80s, but the humidity was killer – that, and my tight hamstrings…oof! I didn’t have that characteristic heavy feeling that I often start runs with, but more like a general slow feeling of slogging through a cloud of mugginess! As per usual, I gave it 15 minutes and by then, I was good to go. The pace averaged out around 9:30 when all was said and done, and I actually came up with a good 14 miles of outdoor running before I had slurped up all my water and decided to hit the last 2 on the treadmill – I flipped on ABC family and “Jumanji” was on!

Cool book, cool movie!!


Oh heck yes. Too bad I only got to see about 10 minutes of it, considering the onslaught of commericals! By the end of my 16, I felt pretty darn awesome…and in need of a shower!

Afterward, got dressed and headed out to out to grab omelets with the hubs, along with a little countryside drive before returning home and icing up on the couch. Pretty solid Sunday, if you ask me!

And for this week…

32 Mi

Dist: 5 Mi

Dist: 7 Mi, inc
Warm; 5 Mi @ 8:54; Cool

Dist: 20 Mi

Eric’s mom will be in town starting Wednesday for just under a week, so I may modify a little, since we’ll be hitting up Virginia Beach this weekend, but it’s nice to feel on track with the mileage.

Just for fun and randomness – would you play Jumanji?


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