Yes, I am 5 years old.

Y’know how I said I had kinda let the Disneyland Half fall off my radar?  Well, it’s BACK and in full force, front of mind now…

So yeah, since it’s TUNE IN TUESDAY, I could/should be tellling y’all about my newest playlist additions (NKOTBSB, anyone?) or maybe, what Pandora station I’ve been macking on hard core during long runs (slower, relaxy music, ala Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz) but right now, all I can really think about is DISNEY.

Disney, Disney, DISNEY, DISNEY, DISNEY!!!

I want to go to there. And I will. In 31 DAYS!


Mmmmhmm!  If you follow me on twitter (and you should) you probably saw my tweet last night:

Yupppp…and ironically, we ended up booking Hotwire instead…because right as I was about to confirm the Priceline itinerary, the economy car option for rentals DROPPED OFF the selections, causing it to default to STANDARD, which was +$10 more a day!  BOGUS.  I was glad to have caught that error, because I have no shame in rolling up in a little bitty car!  Besides, we will only be there 9/2 to 9/5 – driving time will be minimal, as to fully maximize Disneyland time!

I have been drafting up a rough outline of our time there:

The important stuff!

As you can see, I have tried to block out the events that are necessary – namely, our transportation, the reason we’re going (hah) and my Disney priorities – seeing friends (hopefully plural!) – and catching the fireworks and seeing World of Color – I just found out that they have a reserved seating option with the purchase of a fancy-schmancy picnic meal so you know I am all over that.

Yeah! Dinner and a show!

I am going to try and book it first thing on Friday, which will be 30 days out from the day I’d like to go (post-race evening) so PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you want to join there (or meetup anytime, really!) because with the purchase of FOUR picnic meals, you get a reusable tote…and you KNOW I need more reusable totes – sorry, hubs!

My scrambly thoughts at the moment…list form:

  • I am still undecided how many Disney days we will do – if it were up to me, it’d be all four days, but y’know, I can’t be that torturous to my better half…right!?  Muhaha.  It’ll be for sure at least that race day!
  • Don’t know what day I will attend the expo.  This depends on our other plans, I suppose, but I am thinking Friday might be less busy.
  • I KNOW I need to make a few SoCal stops…namely, Jamba (Imma getcha this time, smoothie!) – In & Out Burger and Yogurtland…maybe Sprinkles, too.  Where else should we go?
Do you live in Southern California?  Will you be visiting Southern California?  Are you running the Disneyland Half?  Have you ran the Disneyland Half and have some good tips?  Do you want to hang out?  Do you love Disneyland?  








  1. I ran the half last year! As for tips, I’d say that some parts get kind of narrow in the park, so watch out for that. Also, the middle sections are a bit bumpy because of railroad tracks and broken roads. Of course, it is a unique race! I loved running in the baseball field!

  2. I’m so excited for you!! Britt and I are just figuring out flights/hotels for the Tinkerbell so I’ll be living (blogcariously) through you! I haven’t been down there since I was like 7, so I’m totally going to go all out in Disney madness.

    • Thanks, Margaret! I cannot wait to share the adventure here, and am so excited for you at Britt, too! Wish I could go again for Tinkerbell! 😉

  3. We will see you there sometime!!! 🙂 Not sure when, but we will be there before you and after you, Ryan wants to spend the entire week there before we go off to Hawaii, so we will definitely be able to meet up sometime to say Hi! 🙂

  4. Total fan of the blog! And congrats on running the race. I’m going to be there too and you should totally have a meetup! I blog over at but to get a better feel I used to be at

    Hope the meetup happens! 🙂

  5. […] fancy dinners, etc., because really, this trip is more of a casual one.  (Though I did book the World of Color picnic!)  I love love love Disneyland, but hubs could take it or leave it.  I have assigned just one […]

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