GO for the GOLD.

A few weeks ago, I reached a very important milestone…but it was just this week that the reality sunk in…why?

Well, this is why:

See, I have been meaning to compose this post for a while now (especially after I posted extensively on Chelsey’s blog about the awe-mazing-ness of the Starbucks rewards program – but I wanted to make sure it was the most extensive thing I could put together to fully convince ANYONE that enjoys Starbucks that it is something they should DEFINITELY take advantage of, regardless if you visit a 2x/day or 2x/year!


As linked above, Starbucks does a really great job of explaining the deal – and once you are ‘in the know’ – I promise you – you will notice the countless little fliers and promotional material that each cafe has available on the program!

Here’s the nitty gritty:

  • The program is simple – use any REGISTERED Starbucks card (just pop over to their website before using) to purchase your drink of choice.
  • Points/stars  = drinks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a drip coffee or a Venti Frappucino.  A drink = a star!  Check.
  • You earn rewards FAST.  How fast?  Check this out…
After just five drinks, you’re at Green level.  At this level, you become eligible for a lot of fun stuff, namely:
  1. Free customization – this includes syrups + alternative milk options (like soy.)
  2. Free refills of coffee/iced coffee/tea during your visit.
  3. Free tall handcrafted beverage with the purchase of a pound ‘o coffee beans
Additionally, you begin to receive communication and trial offers through Starbucks email and ‘snail’ mail – like coupons for Starbucks and Starbucks affiliated consumer products (like Tazo tea.)
Now, Green level is a mighty fine place to stay for a bit (I was there from January to July) but in no time, you are will approach the big time: GOLD!
Once you’ve reached GOLD, you have all the greatness of Green‘s benefits, but also add on:
  1. Free drinks every 15 stars.
  2. Personalized card.
  3. Personalized offers.
At this level, you need to maintain 30 drinks/year to retain GOLD status.  But other than the actual purchase of your drinks, membership is totally free!
If I haven’t convinced you to join yet, here’s a few more fun facts:
  1. All levels of membership include a free drink on you birthday – in the form of a little card redeemable for the handcrafted  beverage of your choice!
  2. Free Customizations really sealed the deal for me – I mean, sometimes you just need a few pumps of Vanilla in your drink – and if you’re not a lactose-lover, soy is usually 50 cents more…but not for you, Rewards Member 🙂
  3. Account protection – registered cards have protected balances!  Just report lost/stolen should the unfortunate happen and your account will be frozen/your funds are safe!
  4. Easy reloading – you have the option of loading your card(s* – you can have more than one card on an account, and even merge balances) online or in store.  This can assist in tracking for budget reasons – ironically enough! 😉
On top of all of this loveliness, Starbucks makes it oh-so-easy to track your rewards, too.  Here’s what I see when I log-in on the site:

In addition, you can download the app for your smartphone and now, you even have the option to pay WITH your phone (I haven’t personally tried this yet, but it’s cool to know the option exists.


So basically, it’s a FREE rewards program that can get you FREE stuff.  I don’t really think it can get any better than that!

What rewards memberships are you a part of?

All Starbucks image caps from Starbucks.  I was not paid or compensated in any way from the company, I am just a fan!

5 thoughts on “GO for the GOLD.

  1. Hmm…I totally get that many drinks a year (mostly tea), but I always get soy so that’s a pretty good deal! I think I’m going to have to check it out! 🙂

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