Run ran runned

In a word…yesterday’s 20-miler was…LONG.

Sure, they don’t call long runs long for nothin’, but phew!

PROS and CONS from yesterday:

My long run! (A to B, 2 miles boardwalk, B to A)
  • ‘Ran’ a PDR (personal distance record)  (+)
  • ^ Above’s ‘ran’ is a bit of an exaggeration.  (-)
  • Humidity!  Temp was only around 80 but humidity was something like 2000 percent.  Serious. (-)
  • Only about 14-16 of the 20 miles were actually at my desired pace of sub 10’s (miles 1-14 ranged from 08:50 to 09:45) but the later miles were more like “wogging” then eventually walking (-)
  • Change of atmosphere!  I ran from our hotel to VA Beach.  And back! (+)
  •  I have an excuse to shop.  I need new wicking socks because even though I didn’t get blisters, my feet were wet and miserable.  So, positive from a negative, right?! (+)
  • I got ‘er done.  Always a plus! (+)
How was your weekend?  Anything fun?


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