A fishy discovery.

As a semi-somewhat-kinda-sorta-self-proclaimed pescatarian, I have been supplementing my diet with a healthy amount of seafood; from the amazing swordfish at Virginia Beach last weekend, to tuna sandwiches (made with Greek yogurt!) and of course, sushi.




Har, har 😉

But really though, my take on the whole issue of animal protein is still evolving – I can honestly say that I don’t feel weird about eating a sea creature at the moment!  This is always subject to change, but in the meantime, let’s turn the spotlight over to a fishy treat that can be enjoyed by all – even vegans!*

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...



Yes, Swedish Fish!  Yummy little red candies with a distinctive…er…RED flavor!  I know I am definitely on the late train when I say this, but I just discovered these little treats pretty recently.  I mean, well, I know I have tried them in my life sometime, but I had never actively pursued or purchased them.

So why now?

Wellll, ya see, I have been on the constant search for great running fuel!  At the moment, I am partial to Clif Shot Bloks – still cannot stomach gels – and have also enjoyed some Sport Beans.  I’ve seen Swedish fish mentioned in a few blogs and forums (here, here and here-  just to name a few) so I thought I would try them out.


I am a fan!  The little fish are chewy, but not tough – mildly flavored and fat free.  Though not to be confused as a health food (their sugar and carbohydrate counts are definitely not on the low end) they provide a good energy boost and can be enjoyed at 15o cal/portion = approximately 7 fish, if that is a concern.

All in all, I rate Swedish fish as a good energy booster – whether for use in athletic endeavors, or an afternoon pick me up.

Are you a fish fan?  What’s your snack/candy of choice?

* Vegan, as defined by the use of no animal products in the ingredients – very strict vegans would consider the inclusion of processed sugar – which in the US, is often refined with animal bone char – as non-vegan.

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