Where’s Krissy?

(It’s kinda like a Where’s Waldo..only I am not wearing red and white…and I am the only person in the picture!)


Anyway, this picture is a perfect complement to this posts’ subject matter…

Where’s Krissy?

As in…

  • How’s the blogging schedule going along?
  • How’s the preparation for my foray back into the world of attending school?
  • How’s the marathon training going?
Well, in a nutshell, the answer is ALL OVER THE PLACE!  I think the blogging has been going pretty well, but I am thinking ahead to just a few weeks when I (segue) will be starting my online courses, things might get a little zany.  And that ol’ running thing?  Well, I have to say that my conscience is STILL kind of in disbelief that I did 20 miles last weekend, and just this weekend, my physical side caught up!  My legs are feeling pretty darn sore and so I have taken the past two days as a rest and recovery vacation.  I
I went to bikram yesterday and struggled with this post:
which is weird because I have never really had any problem with it…so I took that as a sign to take it easy with myself.
But I digress…
Resting from running doesn’t mean resting from fun, though!  Inspired by the great weather, hubs and I took a little trip out the Harrisonburg and Bridgewater, VA yesterday.  We had lunch in a local place, enjoyed a cupcake, took in scenic views and even stopped at Natural Chimneys Regional Park (which you can see in my first picture in this entry!)
The '44' Cupcake
A good day is easily made better with the inclusion of, well, you guessed it – a cupcake.  At Cocolicious, in Downtown Waynesboro, I was delighted to pay just ~$2 for this salted caramel cupcake.  And, I learned a bit ‘o trivia – you see, the salted caramel cupcake is suppsedly Barack Obama’s favorite flavor, thus earning it the title of ’44’ at many cupcakeries.  I tested this theory with Google and found it to be quite true (with DC-area’s Cakelove, for one.)
Not sure what today will bring, but it is nice just to kick back for a while and enjoy this Sunday.
Do you prefer a lazy Sunday, or an action-packed one?



  1. Cute shirt in the cupcake pic! I would totally wear that. 🙂 And I have the exact same B&BB hand sanitizer holder on my purse? Love those things. They smell so delish!

    • Just realized I put a question mark after the hand sanitizer comment. I promise I wasn’t trying to sound like someone from the movie “Clueless!”

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