2011 Disneyland Half Blogger Meetup!

Welcome to a very MAGICAL edition of Marathon Mondays at Shiawase Life!

As many of my friends, family and other fun people that happen to be readers of this blog know, I am running the Disneyland Half-Marathon on Sept. 4, 2011 as part II of my Coast-to-Coast challenge (part I, of course, was the Walt Disney World Half back in January.)  I am oh-so-eager to claim that special medal, but just as importantly, I am simply glad to return to Disneyland (it’ll be my fourth visit to the 1955 original.)

As a former Disney CM, I totally ‘get’ that not everyone is a ‘Disney person.’  Heck, my own husband can take it or leave it, but that’s beside the point 😉  Not everyone can handle it!  But, there are tons of people like me that cannot get enough of it – as I was delighted to find out last night as I read Chelsey’s recent post on Disney races!

So, without further ado, I present…

2011 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

I have never ever staged a meetup, though I have met bloggers before, it hasn’t really been an organized effort.  But, why not start now? 🙂

I was thinking Saturday the 3rd (maybe somewhere around the Race Expo) and wouldn’t be a terribly long affair – maybe just an hour or two – after all, the race is Sunday morning.  But I am open to ideas!  Please comment or send me an email (found on my ‘About’ page) if you’re interested!  Once I have a rough idea of the level of interest, I’ll communicate details via email so it’s not all ‘out there’ for anyone to see 🙂


This meetup is open to ‘local’ readers – perhaps you live near DL, are visiting DL, cheering on a friend for one of the races, etc.  Don’t think you cannot meetup with us if you’re not running yourself!

DISCLAIMER:  In my previous post about the race, I have a time grid about “MEETUP” – this is a separate event – meeting with a friend from HS! 🙂


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