Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

(alternatively titled Krissy’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad TUESDAY MORNING)



5:00 AM – alarm rings – I am ready for a workout!  Whooo!

5:02 AM – changing into my workout clothes (tank & shorts) – okay…well, I am a little sleepy, but I’ll get over it.

5:05 AM – getting out the door – should I do 7 miles?  Yeah, that sounds good.  7 treadmill miles and some weights.

5:10 AM – arrive at  gym – the door is locked!  WHAT?!  Try again.  STILL LOCKED.

5:12 AM – annoyed – try about three more times.  Realize that there is probably a camera watching my frustration.  Contemplate punching in the glass and opening the door by sticking my hand through, then realize that is a really bad idea.  Besides, the gym doesn’t technically open until 5:30 AM so maybe they’ve reprogrammed the lock.  No big.

5:15 AM – go back up to the house – get my arm band, pull on a tee cos it is freezing…I’ll do my run outside.

5:20 AM – head outside – so glad I put on the extra layer!  Start running down the road through two sides of townhouses…think, “it is nice how there are street lights on -”


5:25 AM – turn around – head to Mall Parking Lot to do some loops ala Allie-style.  There are some CREEPERS in the parking lot!  Like slow driving cars.  And a security van.  That seems to not be securing much of anything.

5:30 AM – the gym SHOULD be open now.  Let’s give it a try.  Or two.  Or seven.  STILL locked.

5:32 AM – I cannot handle this madness.

5:33 AM – I am going back to bed.

…and so began my crazy Tuesday.

I was WAY more tired when I woke up at 6:30 AM.  I was so annoyed that I missed my workout.  Lots of things made me crazy at work.  Oh, and I had to do overtime.  Worked through my lunch.  And then…oh yeah, an earthquake in Virginia.  That wasn’t weird or anything.

Strangely enough, that weirdness was what helped me feel less weird in the scheme of things.  I was feeling tired, stressed, anxious and generally negative before “the Incident” but after, I feel like I was jolted back into reality.

My bad.



The world is a bigger place then just yourself and your perceived problems, and yet, it still is a small world – something I was kindly reminded of when the well wishes poured in via text, emails, Facebook and more as friends and family checked in.

I know not everyday can be the best, or the happiest, but this event reminded me the importance of treasuring all moments – whether they’re great ones or not.  It’s not worth wasting time on negativity.

What lessons have you learned from unlikely sources?


    • LOL! Julie, I think a circuit went out in my brain! LOL. Allie didn’t have any problem going to the gym…so it must have been me 😉

      Thanks for the kind words.

  1. Terrible days are simply terrible. The best part about them is they end when you go to sleep! It’ll be daylight savings time before you know it and it’ll be light outside in the morning….woohoo!

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