Eight days!

Ye gads!

With all the craziness going on around here, my Disneyland countdown has taken a spot on the backburner!

But…do not despair! 😉

I am back on task now:

California sunshine!

I was so excited this morning when I realized that our arrival date was within the 10 day forecast scope already!  Sure, I’ll have to wait another two to see the projection for race day, but we’re almost there.  That makes me very super happy.

Organization is still moving forward on the MEETUP (come join if you’ll be around!) and our travel plans are still solid.  We are actually waiting to see if we’ll be lucky enough to be called within the next few days to see if the waitlist came through for The Grand Californian (we’re only confirmed one night) but our backup is locked and loaded.  This is very good, as I have other more important things to contemplate.


  • Race outfit – the main reason I pulled up the weather was for packing purposes – and seeing as the race is the focal point of the trip…well, yeah.  High 70s during the day means mid-low 60s for a 6 AM race start.  Perfect weather!  I am thinking a running skirt and a wicking top.  Sleeves?  Not sure.  Any suggestions, Californians?
  • What we’re gonna eat – I haven’t booked any fancy dinners, etc., because really, this trip is more of a casual one.  (Though I did book the World of Color picnic!)  I love love love Disneyland, but hubs could take it or leave it.  I have assigned just one park day to this trip, as that is the amount of tickets I currently possess.  It’s hard to have to pay for Disney tickets now! 😉
  • Other CA stuff – Where else will this trip take us?  It’s gonna be pretty short, but we’ll have a rental car…
Maybe go back in time to this beach, lol 😉

…all I know is that I am getting downright excited about this trip all over again (each time I think about it!) and I can’t believe it is almost here!

What’s your next big adventure?


4 thoughts on “Eight days!

  1. ahhh…so excited for you! i know you’ll be great and wish i could be there cheering you on (but you know i will all the way from spokane)! 🙂

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