Kinda lame (and really late).

Hubs and I are kinda lame.

Me, Duffy and Hubs at Epcot.

…and when I say lame, I don’t mean boring.  I mean, we have tons of fun and go on cool adventures and stuff (I mean, hello, we are posing with a bear that sails the world here) but lame in the way that we are really out of it sometimes when it comes to things that other people know a lot about.  Like movies – because we are kinda not into spending $354 to sit in a sticky theater built in the late 1980’s and hear other people’s screaming children.  Or television – because we don’t have cable.  Serious.

We have a digital antenna though – do y’all even know what that is?  I know I didn’t until about a year ago when hubs bought one at Best Buy with a gift card we had laying around:

It looks like this. It captures like 10 channels, I think.

Anywho.  With this plastic box, we can get PBS, NBC, FOX, CW, yadda yadda.  And it’s free, so that’s a bonus…but there’s only so much Antiques Roadshow that one youngish (going on elderly) couple can watch, so to supplement that, we also have Apple TV and Netflix.

The instant stream feature of Netflix is pretty good on our connection, but we also pay for the option that allows us to rent Blu-ray discs, which is pretty neat.  I personally find Blu-ray quality to be almost too good, therefore kind of in the “too real it’s scary” category!  Especially when you watch shows like this:


See, I had definitely heard of this show before, but seeing as it not only airs on a cable network, but one you have to pay extra for…yeah, that was not happening.  But recently, when some people at hubs’ office told him that he reminds them of the show’s namesake character, he had to check it out for himself…and so the first disc of Season 1 was added to our queue.

See, we weren’t sure if they meant looks like or acts like when they said hubs was LIKE Dexter, but either way…I find it quite amusing.  The character of Dexter Morgan is an attractive guy, so that’s a bonus for hubs, but he is also a psycho creeper.  Does that balance out? 😉 = but!

Blood connection or not (har har) we quickly took an interest in the show, watching the first two episodes this weekend, than the next two over the past few evenings.  We’re probably going to move along with the series very slowly and will catch up once the show’s over, but still, it is a new pastime for us lame-o’s that stay in on Friday nights and get tipsy after just one drink!

What’s your latest “new to me” (or should I say “new to you?”) interest?


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