TV Travel!

Since this morning, hubs and I have ventured far…

And we didn’t pay a cent! 😉

Okay, here’s the secret…we have been watching PBS all afternoon, and more specifically, Burt Wolf’s specials on the WHTJ Create series!  It’s a little dated, a lot cheesy, but it’s been a great distraction from the Irene-related craziness going on outside!

Besides, I learned a lot of cool things from the segments we watched today…namely:

Have you ever had one?


  1. Dunkin Donuts started in Boston, MA and there is THE Dunkin Donut is a old fashioned with an extra nubbin to hold while you dunk your pastry into your coffee!
  2. Cheesecake originated back in 776 BC!  Athletes were served a confection concocted of goat and sheep milk and sweetened with honey.  Wow!  Who’d a thunk that?
  3. Tampa’s Busch Gardens opened back in 1959 – it literally began as just  brewery, then had a brewery tour, hospitality house, and then animals, THEN came the attractions.  It’s crazy to think – as Walt Disney World in nearby Orlando didn’t open until 1971.  But even crazier is this fact – the FIRST Busch Gardens was opened in 1905 in Pasadena, California.
Escalator to Brewery Tour at Tampa Bay's Busch Gardens.
As you have read, we have had quite the journey!  But this trip wasn’t made entirely via couch – I was busy during a big chunk of our cross-country travels in the kitchen, making these:
Black bean sliders with homemade buns!
I used this recipe for buns and this recipe for the black bean patties.  I would highly recommend both!  In fact, I cannot wait to try making these again with tweaks now that I know they’re both keepers 🙂
Rain has been the main component of storm exposure here, so we’re looking for a continuation of our ‘hunkered down’ theme this evening, but I am definitely fine with that!  Sending love and prayers to our Northern neighbors!
What’s your Saturday been like?

One comment

  1. i drove Hubby to and picked him up from his first half marathon!

    i’m glad you had a great saturday! isn’t PBS AWESOME?! it was probably my favorite channel growing up since my parents chose not to spend money on cable tv. to this day i’m very glad they stuck with that decision.

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