You’ve got a trip coming up!

You’ve got a trip coming up! We just wanted to send you a reminder about your Los Angeles flight reservation.

Very realistic photo of me and Holland, apparently...

Why, thank you Hotwire 🙂

So though it is a MONDAY, there are many reasons to ignore the usual groggy boo boo feelings of this dreaded first day of a workweek, namely:

  1. I am taking off FRIDAY – so technically I can pretend today is already TUESDAY.  And next week, I’m taking off TUESDAY since MONDAY is already a gimme!  So, celebrate!
  2. Today is the first day of school at Florida State University!  I am back in student mode…but I will have classes on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS, so it hasn’t started for me quite yet.
  3. At this time on FRIDAY, hubs and I will already be in ATL, boarding our flight to LAX.
  4. I ran SEVEN miles this morning in 59 minutes!  I am gonna keep the mileage low this week due to the race SUNDAY but boy, does it feel good to lay down some miles in the AM 🙂
In other news, we’re doing some brainstorming for Thanksgiving plans.  I know, I know – always looking ahead.  What can I say, I like to plan! 🙂
Are you a planner or a spur of the moment person?


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