The Magic of…Megan!

Thanks to an amazing breakthrough in technology, this blog post is being generated via transmittal of my brainwaves into a remote server which inputs data into WordPress through a beta program tentatively labeled as BBB.  Through advanced microprocessing, thought patterns are converted into coherent sentences and also complemented by attractive image files for your reading pleasure.  Even more magnificently, the built-in sensors are so sensitive that they can pick up cognitive signals from more than 35,000 feet above sea level. So, what is BBB?

Tell 'em, gma!


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!


Okay, so maybe I stretched the time/space continuum idea a bit and am debuting my very first scheduled blog postings, but this being a Disney/Running/Food/Krazy Krissy blog, you know I had to set off a little fanfare! 😉 As you are reading this, I am most likely en route to gorgeous Southern California to run the second leg of the Disney Coast to Coast challenge on Sunday with the Disneyland Half Marathon.  I began my journey this past January when I ran my very first half at Walt Disney World.  As such, I thought it to be extremely appropriate to kick off a whole new series on Shiawase Life that highlights my love for all things Disney, including parks, resorts, the cruises, the races and everything in between!

So, imagine my extreme excitement when SkinnyRunner featured Megan on her ‘Cat Lady Blogs’!

Meet Megan!


Someone who loves running?  And Disney?  Yes!  I found another fun blog to follow 🙂

I started following Megan’s blog about 14 nanoseconds after following the link that day and am always impressed by Megan’s great attitude concerning all aspects of her busy life, from her daily workouts, to fun races, quality time with her family and of course, the Mouse!  Not only is she a huge fan of visiting the Disney parks from her native Michigan, she is also a certified Disney Travel Planner!
Often, I receive emails from blog readers with lots of questions about where to stay, what my recommendations are and so on.  As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about Disney and am always happy to help, I am going to reveal my biggest Disney vacation planning secret  – and no, it is not to join DVC, though I do recommend it – it’s simply this: It’s all about YOU.


No two Disney vacations are the same and there is not a one size fits all formula when it comes to planning a successful Disney vacation – and I am not talking about obvious contrasts like a couple that’s visiting to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary and a young family with three kids – I mean, each and every guest that walks through the gates!

With that in mind, I approached Megan to seek her permission to not only blog about her, but her amazing free (did I mention free) service as well: planning your Disney vacation!  And, since you are reading this now, I am proud to announce that she gave her enthusiastic consent!

Megan and Mickey!


So if you, or anyone you know are looking for either a cool new blog to follow, or some friendly assistance in planning your Disney adventure, just think Megan!  And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that addresses the age old question: should I stay ON or OFF property on my WDW vacation?

Have you been to WDW?  Where did you stay and would you recommend it?  Why or why not?


  1. Yay for Megan’s guest post,
    Have i bebeen to Disney world….heh. about 23 times or so…going back in two weeks, staying at my favorite, the Grand Floridian! Of course I recommend it, I kind of have to ha!

    Krissy, cute blog!

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