You must be my lucky skirt…

Three times = charm?

If you have been a follower of my blog for any significant amount of time, you may have seen a bit of a pattern in my race wardrobe.

Along with my signature sweatiness, a cap of some sort and a cheesy grin, it’s hard NOT to notice the omipresent component of my race-day attire: the PINK running skirt – Lululemon’s Run Personal Best skirt, to be precise.

Appropriately enough, I purchased this skirt after running my best 5K to date from the Georgetown Lululemon store – remember when I blogged about it?  Anyway, since its purchase, it’s been reserved pretty much for races – both components of the Disney Coast to Coast challenge.  I think I might have worn it one other time for a training run, and another occasion for casual wear, but I have acquired quite a bit more of fitness apparel since (including three other skirts – two Nike, one Lulu) and this skirt just feels..I don’t know…special.

Here's a picture of me (and a bunch of other people) in front of the castle to break up the awkwardness.

Race magic aside, I am seriously wondering if the skirt will make its fourth appearance at the Richmond Marathon (two more months!!) because even weirder than having a lucky skirt…I have a thing with numbers…especially multiples of three.  I also like odd numbers.  Of course, I could think of it as this way…the full marathon will be the skirt’s third TYPE of race (8k, 1/2 and full) but I am not sure.  Should I retire the skirt to everyday/training type use?  What would you do?!

Life is so hard, I wish I was back in DL!

Um, yes, anyway, these are the difficult decisions that I have to make on a day-to-day basis.

In other news, I did have a few messages/emails/smoke signals come in about my half-marathon experience, so I thought I’d share:

  1. What time did you go to bed before running the race?
  2. What kind of running shoes do you wear?
  3. What did you eat for breakfast that morning?
  4. Were you sore after?  Did you take an ice bath?
…and instead of answering these questions in boring and drawn-out rambles, I thought I’d present a little collage:
9 PM, Saucony Pro Grid Ride 3's, a banana & our hotel room had a rusty bottle opener mounted on the bathroom you think I felt compelled to sit in a bathtub with those kind of furnishings?

Oh boy – think it’s time for me to hit the books for a while…

What are some of your interesting quirks/rituals?

7 thoughts on “You must be my lucky skirt…

  1. i think it makes your legs look sexy (in a totally “i miss when my legs looked that ripped” sort of way). i think you should keep the lucky skirt where it belongs: in your race-day wardrobe.

    i don’t really have any fitness rituals myself. though i used to do at least one stretch every day no matter whether i exercised or not. usually touching my toes from a standing position. is that a yoga pose?

    speaking of which (and i’m sorry if this is completely off topic) but have you got any tips on yoga? i’ve been interested in making that a part of my routine (i figure it’s a good way to ease back into exercise post-first-born) but with all the different types, i’m a little confused and intimidated. i’m not sure which type to try, whether to do it on my own (with a wii game or a dvd program), or to take classes. do i really need any special gear or will comfy, stretchy clothes be good enough? do you still do yoga or have you shifted gears more completely into running?

    • Thanks, Amy! I appreciate the compliment 🙂

      And I am so random so I appreciate random topic segues! LOL…anyway, I am still learning a lot about yoga myself and I did a three-month unlimited bikram package over the summer, but I would definitely like to incorporate more styles into my repertoire!

      I think a good approach would be to try out a few ‘samples’ (, or Youtube are great starters) to see what you like, check out some basic poses and then kinda branch out from there! I find practicing in the studio to be a good way to push yourself but I think the quiet reflection aspect of it might be nice at home if you have the dedicated space to do so! 🙂

      Hope this helps!!

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