Running for a cause.

Perhaps it’s because of the return of the gorgeous cool temps of Fall, or maybe it’s the supreme adoration I have already bestowed upon my pair of CEP Compression Running socks, but running and racing have been on my mind constantly lately.

In the past few days, I have

  • participated in my first #runchat – that was fun!
  • “liked” 20+ Facebook pages of various different races across the country – 10K’s to Marathons and…everything in between.
  • become engrossed with the drama of the new  Boston Marathon registration process.
  • witnessed something I never anticipated: hubs went on a run on Monday!  I was so proud!!  (Of course, he has complained about soreness everyday since, but we’re getting somewhere here!)
Boston Marathon's FB page

To cap this all off, I received a call and email from the Richmond Team in Training to let me know that they are now actively forming teams for Spring races!  I had contacted them a few months ago since it was something that sounded interesting to me (and kinda was rolling around in my mind for a whole) but timing was kind of off for Fall races (the one that would’ve worked was the Virginia Beach Rock ‘N Roll 1/2, which was the same date as the Disneyland 1/2.)


To make a long story short, I am 99+ percent sure that I feel ready to devote the necessary time and energy to a cause.  I mean, I love running and racing…and at my last race, I definitely was inspired by seeing all the purple!

If you have got this far in the post and have no clue what I am talking about, that’s okay!  I didn’t know much about the organization until pretty recently either, but once I did, well, it became an involving information-seeking quest 🙂

Team in Training  – or TNT – is a endurance sports training program (think running, cycling and the like) that funds research and initiatives to find the cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Collectively, it has raised more than $850 million to support treatment and patient services to those suffering from these diseases.  TNT is definitely not the only charity organization for running events, but it is one of the most prevalent and features in-person and on-line training programs.

The race I am interested in participating in next spring is the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon.  It’s held in Virginia Beach and is part of a full weekend of great events.  Plus, I’m a MURPHY, y’know, so it just makes sense.

While I await the next step of this process, I wanted to open it up to any of you who have used Team in Training (or some other organization) to run for a cause.  How was your experience?  If you’re like me, and are just as curious…what are some questions/concerns/ponderings you have about it?  I have already been connected to some great people via twitter and FB that I am sure would love to share their experiences or answer questions you might have.


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