No Whining.

My long run this past Sunday was a whopping

(wait for it!)

Sunrise back in August, around 6 AM.

1 mile.

Yeah, didn’t really plan for it to go that way – and I have a few (not that great) excuses:

  • Dehydration  – since it’s not as hot, I haven’t been drinking as much water in workouts…this is one reason why I actually LIKE running in the heat, as weird as that sounds – I remember the H2O!
  • Mild SAD – I know, it happens every year, but I still am put off when the sun takes longer and longer to rise as we move closer to winter.  Running during sunrise = awesome.  Running for two hours before the sun rises?  Uh, not so much!
  • Dehydration – in general.  I LOVE drinking water, but since the summer began, water from our tap has been NASTY – as in: algae blooms in the reservoir from which we get our water.  It tastes and smells musty.  At work, however, the water is triple filtered and must come from somewhere else, cos it tastes a lot better and you better believe I guzzle it down there.
  • Lack of sleep – I started grad school Aug. 29 and I think I have finally got my groove down – but working full-time, taking my two courses, doing the regular house stuff (cooking, cleaning, etc) on top of marathon training has cut into my sleep schedule.
  • Burnout – I started training for Richmond back in April.  Not super hard core from the start, but I have already laid down 16,18,20 mile runs a few times and frankly, it’s been getting harder to motivate myself to get out there alone for 3+ hours for long runs.  Speed and tempo?  Fine!  I haven’t skipped very many of those workouts.
Sounds like a lotta complaints, right?  Well, I hate complainers.  I mean, we all need to rant sometimes, but these discussions should lead to solutions to solve these yuck-mo items!
Problem: Dehydration.

Yeah, hubs and I look like we’re stocking up for the Zombie apocalypse every single time we go to the grocery store, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!  We have tried to filter the water (Brita style) but it is just so rank that I feel it doesn’t help.  You can even taste it in coffee 😛

Problem: “It’s too dark to run” excuse.

I was very excited to see that Eddie Bauer was selling these headlamps as their deal of the week this past weekend when I picked up a new top and shorts (40 percent of sale items is always a good thing.)  $19.95 is a lot cheaper than what I have seen online, and much to my happy surprise, they were on sale for $9.95 as a limited time offer, so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with that.  It even included batteries 🙂

And last, but not least…

Problem: Motivation
That's right.
I signed up for this 20 Mile Run for October 8!  I actually stumbled upon it when doing some random searches and found that many people use this race as a long run for their Marine Corps Marathon (which is Oct 30) and so I should be among ‘friends’ in this!  I do plan on treating this as a run, rather than  a race, but I do think it will be great proving grounds for my fueling experiments and so on.
I am super stoked for the solutions that have presented themselves in my moments of feeling stressed – and beyond that, you know what’s helped?  SLEEP!  I know, I know…who’d a thunk it?  I have gone to bed before 10 two nights in a row now and it is fabulous!!
Ready for anything!
It feels great to be back on track!  Besides, life’s too short to be taken too seriously!
How do you work through setbacks in your life?


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