Happy October!

The first day of October has been a great start to one of my favorite months!

As pretty as a screensaver! 😉 Polyface Farm.
Limited Edition MK Map, given out today as part of the regular map!!
Now, watching the Nebraska v. Wisconsin game – sad that Huskers are doing so bad! Hubs was really stoked for this game, since it’s actually on ABC (we miss lots of games ‘cos we don’t get cable) but the Badgers are just attacking!
Are you starting October off on the right foot?


  1. October’s my favourite month too. I love the apples, and the leaves, and the crisp cool air. I’m not crazy about the fact that we’re getting 100 mm of rain over the next two days, but at least it’s early in the fall, so all the leaves won’t fall off during the storm.

    • Stephanie – it was raining a lot here, too! I was worried about the leaves, but I am glad that those raindrops left them alone =)

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