The journey begins with just one step!

I love getting mail!

I was incredibly stoked to receive a package in the mail this afternoon from Kate!  My registration / fundraising paperwork, a personalized note (Kate is just totally awesome, did I mention that?) and my super cool Team in Training training jersey.  It really is real now 🙂


Since receiving my fundraising materials + setting up My Fundraising Page, I have been brainstorming about how I plan to meet my fundraising goal of $1,500.  The first step that is suggested is to write down every single person that you know!  It really is crazy to think about how many people that is!  On Facebook alone, I have 1,016 friends 🙂  If each person donated just a dollar, that’s 2/3rds of the way to my goal.  Crazy when you think of it that way, huh?

There are lots of ways to reach my goal, and I hope to come up with some fun incentives through the process!

Have you fundraised before?  What were some of your most successful methods?


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