State Challenge!

Let's get 'em all!

(Map courtesy of Map Maker Utility)

Happy Monday, everyone!

I am pleased to report that three more donations have been made (BIG THANKS to Bev Wehr, Candace Khattab & Leilani Johnson) which puts me at 9 percent to my fundraising goal already + I haven’t even had my first meeting!  You all are amazing – it energizes me so much to see the support from friends and family this early in the game.

Which brings me to that funky map up there 🙂

See, when I was on the Dream Squad at Magic Kingdom, I had an autograph book.

For all the pals you meet!


You see, most kids tote around that blue book in pursuit of the allusive scribblings of certain Mice…or maybe one of those pretty Princesses…but not me!  I was on a quest to meet a new guest from every state in this grand ol’ Country of ours!  It was a super fun and easy icebreaker to start conversations with even the most shy kids and families and served as a pretty fun challenge for me as well.

In the spirit of that challenge, I thought it could be pretty neat to see if I could get a donor from each state during the process of my fundraising as well!  So, I will be periodically updating my progress on this new State Challenge as well 😀  Who knows, maybe you’ll get a fun lil trinket or two for being the first from YOUR state! 😉

Represent!  Donate at My Fundraising Page  today 🙂

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