It’s all GU.

Just checking in after this post!


Ya see, it’s very exciting for me because after my race this weekend, I have become a true GU fan!

I went with three gels for this race, with a plan to take one every 5 miles; give or take, whenever there was a water station conducive to doing so.

GU Plain + Vanilla Bean, followed by Honey Stinger Chocolate

Surprisingly, I really favored the GU.  I really though I’d like that Honey Stinger one, as well, duh – I love honey and chocolate.  However, it was a much thinner consistency and I felt like it was a bit messier!  Even though it was my last one and I felt like I had the consuming part down pretty well, I feel like I got sticky hands from that one.  Hrmph!  And the Gu flavor was really mild – in fact, I really liked the Vanilla Bean – the plain even tasted a little vanilla-y so maybe that is why I liked that one too??

Anyway, thought I’d share what worked for me – glad to know that I know I can DO THE GU 😉

What’s your fave GU?  Which ones would you definitely AVOID?!



  1. now that I’m helping coach dance team at Gonzaga prep, when I heard GU, I thought of Gonzaga University. 🙂

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