And these are the things that are on my mind…

  • iPhone 4S
That's right.
(source – then edited by me)
Yes, I will be upgrading to the 4S.  No, I have not pre-ordered, and no, I did not camp out overnight somewhere to get one, either.  In fact, I do not even have an exact timeline as to when this change will occur because I have been weighing the benefits of switching carriers and I haven’t 100 percent committed to the future of my wireless contract.  I’ll tell ya what though, it’s going to be glorious to move from the 3 to the 4S.  I had a 3GS but busted it last year so I have been borrowing hubs’ old 8 GB model – for reference, my glorious previous phone was 16 GB.  Pretty sure I am gonna buy an Otterbox to avoid the drama from the last phone…
  • 2012 Preliminary Race Schedule Making
Image of the 2010 course.
I will admit it: it absolutely killed me that I wasn’t at Walt Disney World the first weekend of this month.  Along with the BIG celebrations at the parks (the resort’s 40th birthday – as well as Epcot’s 29th) there was a super neat event called the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  Centered around a night race (starting at 10 PM!) this weekend features some of my most favorite things all wrapped into one: yummy food, running and of course, DISNEY!
Sweet Swag!


Unfortunately, some people believe that two Disney races in two months are too much (*ahem*HUBS*ahem*) so this wasn’t THE year, but 2012…watch out!  I feel a personal connection to this race, as I started my running journey in Florida, my first 5K was at night and many moons ago, I wogged (definitely wogged) the Race for the Taste 10K.
So, that’s one wishlist event.  What else do I have on the 2012 docket?  Not much.  (feel free to send me some suggestions!)
MARCH – 2012 Shamrock Marathon
SEPTEMBER – 2012 Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend
  • Morgantown, West Virginia
Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit
Yes, random.  But hubs and I were talking about taking a trip here for the fall colors a while back and according to the Foliage Calendars, this should be a great weekend to see some fall color.  We are driving up Saturday and plan on just meandering about once we arrive in West Virginia.  Oh, and hopefully getting to ride on the PRT (pictured above) – it’ll be just like being at Disneyland…or something.
Fun fact: I have never been to West Virginia.  I’ll let you know what I think about it soon, though! 😉
Well, those are my Friday thoughts! Whatcha got for me? 


  1. I see you’re doing the Shamrock Marathon in March. Lucky you! I was training for the half but then got sidelined by injury and knee surgery, so half marathons aren’t an option for the foreseeable future. Bummer, because I’d love to do a Disney half. Oh well, maybe later.

    • Hi Jen! Aww, bummer about the injuries 😦

      The Disney races are definitely fun – the great thing about them is that they are adding more all the time ! I am sure by the time you’re feeling better you will find one that works out for you and your schedule!!

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