Sanks, Sanuk! (Charity-benefiting GIVEAWAY!)

First of all, I want to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE shout-out to the fantastic donors who have already pushed My Fundraising Goal to 15 percent:

  • Michelle Primley Benton
  • April & Ryan Boyle
  • Candace Khattab
  • Bev Wehr
  • Elizabeth Tanner
  • Randy & Kathy H
  • Jazmine Santos
  • Julie Duong
  • Leilani Johnson
…ya’ll are totally awesome!  It BLOWS MY MIND that each of you have offered your support and amazingness so early on my mission.  I was so proud when I talked with my Campaign Coordinator, Kate last week!  Thank you, thank you, thank you times a million – it means a lot!
Now, tomorrow will mark my third week of fundraising, so I thought I would add a fun lil incentive in…in the form of…you guessed it..a giveaway!
Giving away...a TRON LIGHTCYCLE?!
Um, okay, sorry about that.  I am not giving away a lightcycle…though I would if I could get them onboard with my efforts! 😉  No, what I am giving away is even more awesome than that…see those fancy articles of footwear I am wearing?
I'm Game - Sidewalk Surfers!
These are seriously some of the comfiest things I have put on my feet!  And yes…if you click on the link, you will find that I wear the kids versions…haha.  What can I say?  They SPOKE to me right from the racks at the Downtown Disney Sanuk store!  🙂  I was looking for some great footwear to wear around Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure after the Disneyland Half last month and I was pleased as punch to find these NOT-A-SHOES!
Love their fun ads!
But YOU don’t have to wear the kids versions (unless ya want to, of course!) because they have TONS of womens, mens AND kids styles to choose from.  Designed to fit your comfy lifestyle, Sanuk makes all kinds of fun sandals, flip flops and slip on styles (even some vegan)  that literally have you forgetting that you have anything ON your feet!  Oh, and did I mention that they’re really affordable, too!?
…not like that matters to YOU, though! 😉  Waiiitt…what?!
That’s right…I am GIVING AWAY a pair (up to $65, your choice of footwear from Sanuk)!  And even better…there are TONS of opportunities for YOU (yes, you!) to win!
(these methods do not require commenting – I will receive an email when you donate)
  • For every $5 you donate, you receive one (1) entry.
  • If you donate $26 in honor of the marathon, you receive a bonus entry for six (6) entries.
  • If you have previously donated (prior to 10/13 – that’s all of you mentioned above), you receive (5) extra entries!
(these methods DO require commenting – one comment for each ‘task’)
  • Visit the Sanuk page and tell me which pair you would pick – one (1) entry
  • Subscribe to my blog via email & comment here –  one (1) entry
  • Follow me on twitter & comment here –  one (1) entry
  • Tweet the following message: ” Support @krissymmurphy ‘s @teamintraining giveaway and win a supercool pair of @SanukFootwear >> ” – one (1) entry
This giveaway starts NOW [First one to donate after this entry is published will receive an extra three (3) entries!] <– Congrats, Kath for earning extra entries! and will run through next Tuesday, October 25 at 11:59 PM, EST!  
Thank you all AGAIN for all your support – and thanks Sanuk for being so awesome! It means the world to me and the entire TEAM.  Donate today at My Fundraising Page and you could be sportin’ your very own pair of Sanuks soon!!
Happy donating!
ETA: I was not compensated by Sanuk  for hosting this giveaway or speaking / writing about their products.  Sanuk is, however, graciously providing the winner of this giveaway with a pair of Sanuks $65 value or less.  

9 thoughts on “Sanks, Sanuk! (Charity-benefiting GIVEAWAY!)

  1. I subscribed via email!! And added you to my Google Reader feed.
    I follow you on Twitter!!
    I would love to own the Women’s Vagabond Chill!! Size 6 would be lovely 🙂
    I tweeted your awesome message!!

    Best of luck with the marathon! You will be inspiration for me to get my butt in gear and get in shape! 🙂

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