Cupcake Classic

...she even made fun bibs!

This week, I ran another race…I didn’t have to travel – didn’t have to deal with portapotties or crowds…none of that.

How’s that possible?

Cupcake Classic VIRTUAL Race, that's how!


It was my first VIRTUAL race, and it was pretty darn cool!  Jess organized it all – from gathering sponsors, to creating registration numbers and bibs and more!  I signed up for it as soon as I found out about it and did my run this week to participate!!

Another cool thing?  I wore my new running belt!

Ultimate Running Belt


I bought the Ultimate, thanks to some help from the Facebook page, where I posted to ask what belt would be the best to:

  • Hold several gels
  • Safely carry my iPhone
  • Display race bib (this was not imperative, but was a bonus!)
I really liked this belt and I am excited to say that it will definitely be a component of my race day outfit/gear.  I probably will wear my race skirt and that same hat that I wore in both halves, but my shirt/socks are undecided.  Short sleeves? Tank and running sleeves? Long sleeve shirt?  And then, will I wear my new compression socks?  Should I try compression sleeves and my own socks?  Oh, the decisions.
It’s hard to believe that my first marathon is coming up so soon…

Richmond Marathon, 11/12/11

Have you ever run a virtual race?
Did you enter MY GIVEAWAY yet?

3 thoughts on “Cupcake Classic

  1. I ran the Cupcake Classic too. I have the same race belt, and love it…Just make sure you get those gels in the holders really securely. I’ve had them bounce out in a couple of halfs.

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