Wild and Wonderful!

Last weekend, we visited Morgantown, WV and I posted a fun review of the town; from transportation options to a really yummy eatery – but I didn’t tell the tale of the Mon River Rail Trail…

See, we were staying at the Waterfront Place Hotel, which was a pretty nice hotel right there on the river.  It was convenient to access downtown, and much to my delight, there was an easily accessible  trail for me to run on!  Whoo!  The magazine in the room had a little feature on the trail and I learned that it has more than 19 miles of scenic pathways – some paved, some packed dirt.  I thought I could do about 10-11 that morning and call it good…nice scenery, cool temps…ideal, right?!

Maybe for most ‘normal’ people!

Mudslide ahead!


Yeah…so,that picture above is not a pic I took, but rather, appears on the trails’ site – perhaps I should have read the caption near by that image to find that it was RIGHT in the direction that I was planning on running toward.  So, yeah…hindsight…20/20 right?!

Muddy and cold...

LONG story short…I saw some mud, thought I could get around it…then, yeah…feel right IN it!  Everything was muddy!!  As soon as I crawled out, I called hubs on my cell and asked him to start walking in the direction where I had my incident with a towel!  Haha…so this picture was taken right about the time he found me, about a mile from the hotel.

I am holding my socks in my hand – because for some reason, I thought I should remove my socks and shoes after I got out?  They were so heavy.  Really, I should’ve just dealt with it, because walking barefoot down gravel doesn’t really feel great – and then putting shoes BACK ON after being encrusted with mud and gravel?  Blargh!  That was fun 😉

My shoes I had to sacrifice (they were just obliterated) but the mud came out of everything else, thank goodness.  Thanks especially to my hubs who helped me clean up the hotel bathroom after soaking all that nasty mud off (it was that thick, iron-y mud!)

…and that concludes my WILD AND WONDERFUL West Virginia adventure…aren’t ya glad ya followed along? 😉

Tell me about a memorable event from one of your trips!


  1. […]  This particular accessory, while somewhat bothersome, was working out pretty well – until it met its demise in Morgantown, WV. I did, however, manage to save the bottle portion, which I take to Bikram/the gym and I like it. […]

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