Should vs. Reality

I am kinda anxious about a few things: school assignments, pre-marathon jitters & general life stuff.

Nothing too serious, but I have a to-do list that’s sixty feet long but all I can really bring myself to do is to watch another episode of Dexter…we’re finally halfway through Season 3!

Our evening entertainment.


Other than zoning out on blu-rays, I’ve taken to daydreaming about my upcoming race schedule again.  Beyond my 2012 schedule, here are some ‘blue sky’ ideas – did you know some people are anti-brainstorming? Meh to them 😉 Besides…I make my opportunities!  Plus, this is my blog so unless people comment, I am essentially talking to myself…hmmm…

The Hershey Half Marathon – Hershey, PA – October



This half marathon takes places at the “Sweetest Place on Earth” and serves several of my criterion for choosing a race – a unique aspect, (being that it’s associated with the Hershey Park) it can be bundled into a vacation and…hello…CHOCOLATE.  I found out about it kinda late this year and it was already sold out, but an October half in the Northeast sounds pretty sweet to me. 😉

The Historic Half – Fredericksburg, VA – May

This race is associated with its bigger brother, The Marine Corps Marathon (see below!) but is more laid back – in race distance and general atmosphere.  I do like Fredericksburg though (ran the Stonewall Jackson 2-miler there) and it’s not far from Charlottesville.

The Marine Corps Marathon – Washington, DC – October

Pretty small race, eh?


With all the anticipation building over this year’s race (it’s this weekend!!) it’s dawned on me how HUGE this event is!  My twitterverse has literally exploded with #MCM updates and I have to admit, I am swept up in the fever!  DC truly is an awesome place to run and I don’t know when, but I count this race as a big BUCKET LIST draw for me.

Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge – Orlando, FL – January

Can't pass up another runDisney offering!


Who the heck runs 39.3 miles in two days?  Me, in 2013!  Well, that’s the plan! 🙂  See, WDW Marathon Weekend is a beast in its own regard – what, with a 5K, 1/2 and full marathon on property in early January, but therein lies the challenge of running a half marathon on a Saturday, followed by a full the very next day.  Yes, insane…but I’ve already found a posse of likeminded individuals on the same zany mission.

The Honolulu Marathon – Honolulu, HI – December

92-year old Gladys Burrill @ The Honolulu Marathon, her 5th running!

I really like Hawaii.  I really like running.  It would be pretty darn cool to match these two LIKES up, dontcha think?!

The New York City Marathon – New York City, NY – November

I want to go to there.


Cliche, yes?  Do I care?  NO!  I have been enamored by the idea of the NYC Marathon since my friend Brittney ran it last year.  As you may well know, I started running just last year so never dreamed a marathon could be in my future, but on the cusp of my first, I find myself gravitating closer to this idea…of course, it’s hard to get in (lottery system) but one day…yes, one day…yes.  The energy, the atmosphere and just…New York City.  Seriously.  Seriously.

Boston – Boston, MA – April

Yup, I'll settle for second..... 😉


Riiiiight.  Boston requires qualification…and the qualifications times keep getting speedier!  But as long as we’re dreaming, we should dream BIG, right!?  I heard that you can get faster as you get older…um, yes, let’s go with that!  As my fellow blogger Dorothy says, Dream Big and Run Long!  And I am feeling particularly inspired, y’know, after reading a recent guest post on Ashley’s blog, where Robin shares her story of seeing the Boston Marathon on TV, then literally working her booty off to qualify, running 15 marathons in four years!  AMAZING!!

What races should I add to my list?




16 thoughts on “Should vs. Reality

  1. i can’t even imagine running a marathon! but i really want to get my butt out running again. i try to keep my eyes on the local race sign ups to see if there’s a 5k here or there that i can sign up for to have a goal that’ll maybe get me out of the house to train for. Hubby doesn’t like paying money to run races. and it’s not like we’re in desperate need of more tech shirts; but man, it’s so SATISFYING to finish a race and say “yeah, i did that!”

    i’m a little jealous that your search for races takes you farther and wider than my searches. probably helps that you’re looking for marathons that are higher profile and maybe a little harder to find. it seems like there’s a 5k each weekend somewhere in Brevard.

    if you keep your eyes open for a race next spring near DC, we’re planning on road tripping it up there sometime during the cherry blossom festival! we’d love to meet up with you, for a race or a cupcake!

  2. Fredericksburg Half last year was fun and well organized – plus you get your medal from a Marine!
    I’m going to probably do the Bear Run in NC (think it starts in Linville) this July. Only 5 miles, but all uphill and 1500 ft elevation change. It ends at the top of Grandfather Mountain at the mile high swinging bridge (great view!)

  3. I’ve been wanting to do the Hershey Park race for a couple years, but it always interferes with the Disney Wine and Dine. I’ll get there someday though! I’m a sloooooow runner, so Boston is not even on my horizon. But I volunteered on the course last year to support a friend who was running. It was an AMAZING experience! And a good way for someone like me to feel part of it all. I wrote about it on my blog if you want to hear more about my excitement of handing water to a Kenyan 🙂

    • I think the Wine and Dine will be earlier next year? Maybe? Fingers crossed because I am FOR SURE doing that in 2012 😀

      That would be amazing to volunteer at Boston! I am sure you have some great stories!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these races! I didn’t realize that you had only started running a year ago. I just started about a year ago too and you seem to be doing very well. I still can’t seem to break my 29min 5k. I hope to do a Disney World race one day. I’ll be doing my first 1/2 marathon in Pensacola in a few more weeks. I’m nervous to say the least, but also excited. I would love to go to Hawaii to run since I’m used to humidity (i’m from GA). I think you should do a race in Las Vegas. That could be lots of fun wrapped up with a vacation and gambling. 😛

    • Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by.

      I think the best way to beat PRs is to just keep running and not stressing about it. “Trust the training” – that’s the mantra I work with, but co-mingled with “Listen to your body.”

      …and YES! Rock & Roll Las Vegas is on my bucket list, too! Not this year, of course, but I definitely would love to do it!!

  5. I have so many of those races on my dream list. I did Goofy and loved it. Doing Boston this year. Did Honolulu, so pretty! I really really want to do NYCM. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  6. I’m dying to run nyc, I’ve applied twice(not in consectutive yrs though) and haven’t gotten in yet. As soon as my stress fracture heals, I’m making a plan for the races I want to run next year. I’m already signed up for baltimore marathon since I deferred from this year.

    • I actually have thought about Baltimore too, but hubs vetoed it – after all, I SUPPOSE I should take into consideration where he might want to travel, too 😉

      I think I will apply for NYC when the time comes and see what happens. It’ll happen when it happens, I guess 😀

      Hope you get healed up soon! 🙂

  7. I really want to do the Disney Princess Half one year. I think it’d be tons of fun. I definitely can say in the past year and a half I’ve been running more races, I have seen major improvements in my times. In 2010, I couldn’t even comprehend pulling anything faster than a 9:30 mile and now I’m cutting a whole minute off each mile on average. Keep at it and keep setting goals! 😀

    • Thanks, Krissie!! (great name, BTW! ;))

      I totally agree about feeling awesome about time improvements! Princess is on my radar too…

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