ETA: Thank you all for your feedback and keeping me grounded in my diva moment.  I’ll be sure to include the outcome of this situation in my official recap post-Marathon!  – Krissy

Have you heard of that hashtag on twitter?  Hah!

Here are some great samplings of what many refer to as “first world problems:”


Yes, it does put things into perspective, no?  Well then, are you ready to hear my very own #firstworldproblem?

I’m stressin’ about a post-marathon shower.


Here’s the deal…

We’re staying here on Friday night:

HGI Richmond Downtown


I booked this hotel because it was listed on the Richmond Marathon’s Lodging page, featured a good rate and was in close proximity to the start and finish of the race.  At the time, I booked just Friday night and thought I’d call the hotel as the date drew nearer to inquire about a late checkout (~1PM or so, so I could clean up and get out) but yesterday, I called and got the news I didn’t want to hear – that all 250 of their rooms are booked out and that there was a very low possibility that I’d be granted a late checkout (since everyone else was inquiring about it too, apparently) and I could ASK on check in day, but not to expect it.

So…the race starts at 8 AM – regular check out is 11 AM.  I have been training, sure…but not for a sub-3 marathon!

Then, I asked if there were rooms available Saturday night – she said there were – however, I told her I would check with the husband about it – she said that I was fine – I could call back either that or the next day (yesterday or today) – long story short – I was going to call today to do just that but:

  • I called the reservation line, the servers were down
  • I called the hotel, I was transferred right over to group sales and a voicemail box
So…this leads me to re-think:
  • Should I just NOT shower?  This would involve moving all our junk to our valet-parked car before the race, or hubs could do this while I was running.
  • Should I bite the bullet, call back and try to get a room Saturday night?
  • (Hubs suggestion) should we reserve a DIFFERENT hotel for both nights?
I REALLY didn’t like that last idea because, well, I picked the room specifically to be close to the race.  I DON’T want to deal with driving in, getting lost, getting stuck somewhere due to road closures, etc.  I know, I know, I sound like SUCH a princess…but really!  I liked the idea of walking down to the start.
This whole logistics thing makes me miss runDisney events a lot!
What would YOU do?


    • Thanks for the reply, Victoria! I didn’t even see that note, this is a definite possibility if I can get hubs to bring my stuff. You rock!!

  1. You could also request a late checkout. When I worked at a hotel, our latest checkout time was 1 pm by request only. Talk to the manager at check in and I’m sure they can accommodate.

    • Unfortunately, I did call to request one and they said they’d only be giving out a few since almost all the guests are marathon guests. They said to ask again on check in day…

  2. I’m running into a similar situation for my 1/2 marathon that’s on a Sunday in Pensacola (6-7 hr drive from Atlanta). However, I think my running buddy and I have figured out that we probably won’t get to shower post-race since we’ve gotta get back home after the race (I have a business trip the following morning). So while we’re running, my buddy’s fiance will handle baggage and checkout. Good luck with your plans!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Carol! Hopefully I get this logistics thing fixed sooner rather than later 😉

  3. I say request the late check out and if you don’t get it then have hubby move stuff and take a shower near the race, they usually offer somewhere to take one.

    • I am pretty sure that I will be doing this. Thanks for your voice of reason, Robin, in my incredibly non-problem problem 😉

  4. Are you a member of a gym? My 24 hr membership gets me into any location, I would just pop in there and shower if it were an emergency.

    But, in full disclosure, I’d probably just skip the shower. I’m not that creeped out by sweat, and I’d rather be close to the start line then fuss with transport in the morning.

    • Hi heather —

      No, not a member (long story!!) but here is a YMCA nearby that’s allowing Marathon runners with bibs to take showers there. 😀 That’s my option if I don’t get late check out 🙂

      I don’t know what it is, but I NEED a shower after a race. It’s not necessarily the sweat that bugs me, but the SALT everywhere. Blech! lol…

  5. those first world problems really do put things into perspective. when i’m stressed cause i have a project and have to study for a test, i just think how ridiculous i must sound to people who are wondering where their next meal is going to come from or not getting sick and such. its nice to get yourself grounded every once in a while.

    p.s. hope you can shower cause i know how uncomfortable it can be to be sweaty, salty and cold after zumba. 🙂

      • hey yo sister…i hope i didn’t sound rude in my last post. i just discovered the first world problems through pintrest and it really made and impact on me. love you and can’t wait to see you in less than two week! i’m so excite!

  6. 2 words – baby wipes. No, it won’t be a real shower, but you can wipe down and feel better (and smell like baby wipes rather than sweat). They clean pretty well (I mean, think about what they were designed to do!)

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