Running vs Jogging…

I was catching up on my Google reader this afternoon and saw this post from one of my faves, Run Eat Repeat: Running versus Jogging.

Now, after you finish cracking up at the last ‘exhibit’ – lol – what are your thoughts?  It got me thinking about this discussion I saw recently on the Lululemon site >> go check the comments on the bottle: here.

Main image...okay...
the 'fine print'

Now, as you can read in the comments, the phrase on the bottle was meant to be in humor, but some people did take offense to it – I think I saw some more comments on it in another lulu blog…

Anyway – between Monica’s (RER) discussion and photo analysis and this – what are your thoughts?

Do you jog or run?  


  1. i probably just jog, but i always say i’m “going for a run”. it sounds more like i’m accomplishing something and makes me feel better about myself.

  2. I always try to avoid getting wrapped up in the “run” vs. “jog” debate. I think that “jog” is a term that people who don’t call themselves “runners” say. I’ve never said jog, even when I couldn’t run a quarter mile at a time. To me, it’s a confidence term. Even my slow, short runs are just that — slow, short runs. Not jogs.

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