Welcome to Paradise!

Mama, Sis and Me!

On Sunday, November 20, hubs and I made the journey from Charlottesville  >> Atlanta >> Honolulu!  Our flight outta town was at 6 AM, but due to the time change, in 15+ hours (including layover) we had made it to Hawaii by early afternoon the same day!  Sah-weet.  My parents and sis were there at the airport, ready to pick us up, then we drove to my grandma’s house in Mililani.

At grandma’s, we unpacked, unwinded (taking a nice walk around the ‘hood) and relaxed for a bit – low key.  Then we drove over to a yummy Korean restaurant for din din.  Kimchee tofu soup and unlimited yummy sides?  HEAVEN!

When we got back to the house, my aunt revealed a fun present: hats for the beach!  Woot!  That pic above was the GAL hat…below, my hubs and dad model the GUY version…

Hubs, me and dad!

Fun, right?! 😉

We called it an early-ish night, since Monday morning was going to begin with me and mom working on her c25k workout!

Stay tuned for Monday’s recap…USS Arizona + more!


    • Thanks, Michelle! We had such a good time – I am breaking the recaps into small pieces so I can relive it slowly 😉

      Hawaii is a really fun and beautiful place, hope you can make it there soon!!

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