…and moving forward

Hubs and me, Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific.

After a quick lunch at the Pearl Harbor NEX Food Court, we were off to Punchbowl – which, unlike Pearl Harbor, remains a regular stop on our Hawaiian vacations – for two reasons:

  1. It’s gorgeous.
  2. To visit family.

My mom’s dad (my grandpa) and my dad’s birth mom (I never knew her – my dad was still young when she passed) are both buried here  (cremated remains) – miraculously nearby each other, despite the impressive size of this cemetery.  Unfortunately, the area where both spend their Hawaiian days was being redone (landscaping, etc) so the area was not very picture worthy.  Still, we spent some quality time, and enjoyed the view while we were there.

Another view...and a preview of coming attractions 😉

Since we were already so close to downtown, we decided to continue on our whirlwind touristy day by driving down to Waikiki so hubs could get a feel for the side of town that most others experience on their Hawaiian holidays…

" a little closer now " - hubs posing on the beach!

We enjoyed the stroll around, and even stopped into a few of the ultra nice shops that line the bustling streets…a Ferrari store for one!  Crazy.

The Pretty Pink hotel!

We strolled and snapped pics until our meetup time back with the rest of the crew…because that night, we were headed to dinner with Grandma and her signature night out location: Assagios!

Me, my Aunt and Sis!!! Oh, and ignore that incorrect time/date stamp!

Dinner there was great as always – started with the DELICIOUS bread, followed by the table-prepared ceasar salad and my entree choice of the night: pasta with calamari steak.  Mmmm!

Surprise! Also our 2nd anniversary!!

Dinner was great, and it truly was wonderful to spend our second anniversary surrounded by family.  It was surely an action-packed day – only to be rivaled by the next!



    • 😀

      LOL, about the Ferrari store…I expected stuff to be $$ – but they had a $900 stroller with a Ferrari logo and $50 baseball caps…a sales associate came over and said, “can I help you find anything?”

      Hubs said, “yeah, some money so I can buy some stuff!”

      Without so much as batting an eyelash, she returned, “Oh, our teeshirts are very affordable. They start at $38.” and she shows us this cotton (undershirt like) tee with a little Ferrari logo.

      It was so funny!!

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