The Climb.

No, not that one!

Oh, okay, pardon me for the dorkiness factor, but I just HAD to! I mean, how else can I preface a post that my past self would NEVER believe her future self to do?

And what, pray tell, could I POSSIBLY be talking about?

Uh, this:

Stairway to...?*



Just kidding, it wasn’t that either.  But it kinda was…waiiiit.  Let me backtrack.

Back in my younger days, I was perfectly content to snooze the day away – I think it’s a teenage thing.  Anywho, this even included DURING vacation time.  So, one year, on one of our annual summer vacation trips to Hawaii, my sis and aunt decided to go and hike Diamond Head.

Yeah, that Diamond Head.

See the foreshadowing now???

Back then, I was all, “it’s nice to look at, but you couldn’t pay me to hike it.”

But times, they have a’changed my friends, and I have proof:

BOOM! We made it!

It really was a fun experience that I was able to share with hubs, mom, sis and aunt!  Yes!  We all conquered that crater, all 560 feet of it.  The path was really friendly for all levels, featuring some paved, some rocky but all very safe – even a lighted tunnel!

...okay, my flash was brighter than the lights...

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the top and we lingered up there for a while for pics before making out way back down…

Sunny views!
The gals.

Then…it was time to head back down… the whole thing to myself!
...yeah, we earned that pic!

After the hike, we popped over to Zippy’s for a quick lunch, then it was off to the beach!  (Sans Souci was the locale du jour) to cool off before heading home to prepare for the next day … one of the most anticipated locations of the vacation!

* That pic of the stairs near the beginning of the post was the old way to get to the top, now blocked off 😉


  1. So my cousin went to Hawaii years ago and they walked up Diamondhead and were…completely disappointed after the insane climb. The entire way down they kept telling the people going up to turn back around! Too funny 🙂

    • They thought Diamond head was intense? Oh man. You’re gonna love a post I have planned soon about our hike the next week up Koko Head Crater! 😉

  2. […] Diamond Head was now a distant, incredibly un-challenging memory at this point as we stared up from the base of the hike.  Whereas the DH excursion was either paved, supplied with gates and handrails or furnished with even stairwells and steps, Koko was (and is) 11,000 rugged steps fashioned from an old rail trail to the summit of the crater. Hubs, ready for the ascent. […]

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