Hawaiian Disney Magic, pt 2: Shave Ice and Sunsets

Shave ice, anyone??

So, just as soon as the crew could peel me off the comfy bed, we headed out to explore the resort!  First stop?  Refreshment!  I requested a shave ice, and Disney delivered.


Yup, and just as my dorky tee read, it was BEARY GOOD!!!  Life was going beary well too, seeing as these were the sites to see on our little jaunt around the resort…

Pretty koi pond by the Makahiki Restaurant
Mountainous rock formation...has a waterslide in it that flows INTO the lazy river!!
...and the view from above!

Pretty darn cool!  We had a blast checking things out and before we knew it, we got a call from my parents to let us know they arrived (they had some other errands to run) so we met up to show them the room then get changed so we could do some swimming 🙂  But a prankster had some other plans…

...look who we ran into! OH Stitch.

To my surprise, there were not only character attendants with the characters at Aulani, but Photopass photographers as well, which was neat (reminds me, I still haven’t checked out out Photopass card…hmmm)


Once we hit the water, the sun was already dipping so the water was a bit cold, but we still did a few rounds of the lazy river, as well as a few slides down both slides (so fun!)  THEN, we discovered the most AMAZING jacuzzi spa…it is a two-level infinity hot tub that overlooks the lagoon.  Heaven!

Enjoying the view...

After we warmed up, the whole family gathered up to watch the sunset together.  We had a blast trying to get good sunset shots…here are a few of my fave…

Mom, me and sis.
Hubs + me.

…the temperature was perfect, the company was fantastic and HELLO, we were surrounded by paradise SPRINKLED with MAGIC…

Hang loose!

Living the LIFE!

I have some more recaps coming up but would love to customize them around what y’all wanna read about, so…

Tell me…what questions do you have about Aulani/Hawaii?!  

[Other than, have you planned your trip there yet?! 😉 ]

Did you catch part 1 of this Aulani recap?  Check it out here.


    • It was great! You need to go sometime 😀 With Disney being out there, maybe they’ll get a race going there one day!!

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