And Blue Ridge makes three…

When regular people (who are they, anyway?) look for races to sign up to run in, they often scrutinize a handful of things:

  • Location – is it local, or will traveling be necessary?
  • Course type – for PR hunters or potential qualifiers (Boston, Olympics, etc) a flatter/faster course is usually preferable
  • Size – big production (ala Rock’N’Roll, Disney) or locally organized?
  • Price – pretty obvious…

Well, as I said before…I am not really normal.  And the reason, well, I kinda gave it away there with the title, but…


I’ve signed up for another Marathon.

It's official!

Pretty excited!


Yup…and if you take a look back at the various elements that most people consider when they consider adding a race to their schedule, it really just made sense for me…Roanoke is practically local, it’s a challenging course (just read the tagline!) that I’ll be glad to treat as a ‘fun’ (read no PR) event a month after Shamrock, it’s a medium sized event and the best part…

Yup!  I won an entry! And, okay, sure, it’s not TOTALLY free (as in: will still have to pay to drive there, will likely spend the night there, etc) but race entries are no joke!  This one is $80 for the early bird special, and reaches $100 before long!!

I look forward to next year’s race schedule already, as it begins to populate with fun challenges and events to really anticipate!! 😀

How do you choose your events?


What’s your NUMBER ONE bucket list event?

Special thanks to Running Because and The Blue Ridge Marathon for the awesome opportunity!!


  1. Congrats again! I hope we can meet up. I’m also doing Shamrock. As far as hotels go, Roanoke has a wide variety including some right near the start/finish area. B&Bs are nice around here too.

    • Sounds great 😀

      B&B actually sounds like a really great idea / incentive to get my hubs more excited about it!!

      Thanks, David!

  2. Just reading the title, I thought you were announcing your pregnancy. Like you made a baby in the Blue Ridge Mountains…and now you’re a family of 3 :).

    It just shows where my head is at!!

    • hahah, glad you commented.

      it seems that everyone is announcing THAT news these days, so i wanted to be dramatic about my NON baby news! 😉

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