Major Milestone!

This afternoon, at approximately 12:07 PM, EST, a major milestone was reached in my fundraising efforts for Team in Training:

...we surpassed $1K!

I am beyond excited – and continually humble to all of the people (hence my reference to WE achieving this goal) that have jumped in to support this wonderful cause as I continue to train and raise awareness!  It is incredibly uplifting to participate in something that is just SO much bigger than yourself.

C'ville Team Members at the first City Market fundraiser in November.

{photo courtesy: Lizzie}

As indicated at the beginning of the post, I am at 67 percent of My Fundraising Goal currently and as the figure continues to rise, I have had several people ask me how I’ve been managing fundraising efforts.  To that, there are several facets of responses, but here they are, in a nutshell:

  • Utilize Team in Training resources – with our initial registration, we are granted access to log-in and customize our individual pages, as well as permissions to use official logos and images and tip sheets and fundraising ideas.  All of these elements have been instrumental in creating a baseline for goal-setting and fundraising ease.
Candy Pretzels and Wreath Ornaments I made for the Fundraiser to sell!
  • Teamwork – a given, since we’re a team! 🙂  Really though, I am so thankful for everyone –  from my Campaign Coordinator and  Fundraising Mentor to my Coach and teammates – they are so supportive and helpful in ever way imaginable.
Team this past weekend and 2nd City Market Fundraiser/Run
  • Social Media – BIG one.  Since I am admittedly addicted to Facebook, twitter, yelp, a variety of message boards and OH so much more, I have done my best to utilize that to my advantage.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to blog about it either!
  • Email Signature – I created an email signature for both personal and work emails that gives a brief snippet and a link.  Nothing pushy or solicitor-like…this allows people to click IF they are curious!
You can find this box at the bottom of all my emails, along with a link!
Now, these are the methods that have worked for ME thus far, but I am by no means an expert…you’d want to ask Ali about that!  

I’d love to hear about your fundraising tips/ strategies if you have any !  

And again THANK YOU to all that have reached out and supported the cause!


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