I’m gonna be a part of it…

I am sure I have mentioned it here before, but I will do it again now…my husband HATES presents.  Giving, getting, whatever – it’s something he just does not enjoy.  This is for a few reasons – namely, he doesn’t really like STUFF in general and thinks giving just to give is pointless.

That being said, he is pretty good at coming up with alternatives to gift-giving!  For example, for my 26th birthday, hubs booked us a Segway Tour  in Washington DC!

Segway Tour, Spring 2010

For Thanksgiving and our 2nd Anniversary this year, we were lucky enough to travel to Hawaii, so for Christmas, we decided to stay closer to home.  Of course, close to home is relative, as we will be traveling about 350 miles North…

Dec. 24-26, 2011!

Yes!  We finally booked our trip – driving up to Northern VA to catch a bus up to NYC.  Neither of us has ever been, so it will really be quite an adventure, as well as our Christmas gift to each other…I have a few items on my bucket list, which include:

  1. Run in Central Park
  2. Eat a bagel
  3. Eat pizza

Umm, yes, I am sure I have shared this before, but these truly are my life’s passions: running and eating 😉

So, if you’ve been, or live there, I’m open to hearing what YOU have to say about our short trip up next weekend!  Where should I eat said bagel and pizza?  What are the true must-do’s?  What’s a waste of time?


  1. One of my favorite NYC experiences was a walking food tour through Greenwich village. Delicious, fun, and informative.

    Also, if you’re a top chef fan, Harold from season 1 has a great restaurant in the village as well, Perilla. I’ve been a few times and everytime it’s been stellar.

    Have fun!!!

    • Ah, good to know where the good pizza is! I am going to check out Milk & Cookies site now!!

  2. Lombardi’s is pretty good, stay away from the 99cent pizza places that are apparently EVERYWHERE now!

    Go to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center to see the skyline. The Empire State Building view isn’t as nice, especially since you can see the ESB from the Top of the Rock. A little pricy but beautiful at night/sunset!

    Obviously the Rockefeller Center xmas tree will still be up so take a peek at that too. Will be crazy with people but it’s a must see! I’ve never ice skated at the rink there but all my friends that visit do and enjoy it. Again though, slightly pricy just to ice skate!

    I agree with Jory…Crumbs is completely over-rated and I’m not a fan. As is Magnolias.

    And I haven’t had a bagel in awhile in the city so I’m no help with that 😦 Usually any tiny bagel store has decent ones!

    I just love wandering the east and west villages and stopping in any place around there to try the food.

    • Jen, you are so awesome for the many great suggestions!!!!!

      I am sure we will be walking around in a state of shock with stimulation overload, you know, going from our podunk small town to the bright lights of NYC…haha..I am so stoked. I’ve missed being around an actual city.

    • That sounds so cool. The ‘trouble’ with our visit is that it’s over the holiday so lots of things are closed. Even so, I think it’ll be a good ‘preview’ trip for us for future visits!!!

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