I’m on FI-YAH!

Last Friday, I saw that I was bestowed the BLOG ON FIRE award from my blogging pal, Michelle.  Pretty sweet, eh?

As part of this fantastical honor, I have been tasked with sharing SEVEN things you don’t know about me; pretty tough since I talk, tweet and blog a lot, but I will do my darndest to share some fun facts.

  1. I am not a fan of math but I am all about numbers.  I have this certain obsession affinity to odd numbers.  This applies to calendar days, volume level on the radio, miles ran, etc.  My lucky numbers: 3,7,9,11,13,27,33…additionally, I am always adding and subtracting numbers in my head for some reason or another – this includes patterns in telephone numbers, license plates and the time of day.
  2. I watched Titanic EIGHT TIMES when it was in theaters.  I currently own the special edition (with alternate ending) on DVD (though we do own the double-set on VHS) and will definitely watch it in 3D when it hits theaters for my 28th birthday (as per the fact above, I am not excited about turning 28.  I’d rather skip to 29).
  3. I kinda still believe that Narnia exists…
  4. …I also think toys have lives like in Toy Story.
  5. I’ve lived overseas (Japan and South Korea), the West Coast (WA state) and the East Coast (Florida, and now Virginia) – never have been to Europe.
  6. I’ve always had bangs as part of my hairstyle.  Except 2nd grade.  (That was short-lived)
  7. I have several recurring dreams – these include:
  •  a scene with a long, suspended bridge that I have to somehow push a shopping card across
  • a place where the shopping center, places of work and homes are all connected together by moving walkways and people-mover like transportation – like the real EPCOT.
  • being late to school – many different instances, but always late to school in my dreams
Well, how many of those did you know already?  Like I said, it is very difficult to reveal little-known facts when you have a big mouth!!

…and now, I will pass on the torch (har har, get it?) to Michelle at Michelle Does Germany.  I love reading about her adventures in her new place of residence; all the foods, sites and of course, the running that keeps her sane throughout!

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