More NYC Goodness

Okay, I’m up to my eyeballs in NYC research!

So far this is the consensus, from various comments, googling and conversations…

Lombardi's Pizza


PIZZA: Lombardi’s – this seems to not even be a contest – anyone  beg to differ?  I’d like to hear!!

Yes, please.


BAGELS: on the other hand, have been very much polarizing!  I was given the suggestions of H&H and Ess-a-Bagel, but then read the Serious Eats Best-of series and read the one on Bagels…check it out here.  These reviewers threw both the suggested bagels under the bus and said Bagel Hole has the best.  But, seeing as we are such newbs, I have to say – all of the bagels they reviewed (sans Dunkin’ Donuts, as I have had them before) are all probably pretty great choices for our NYC bagel.  Time will tell what bagel we shall nosh upon…

…and of course, the balance maker of all these delicious carbs…

..but with a lot more layers.

RUNNING: I am pretty thankful for the Internetz – found this site with some valuable information for running in Central Park.  But as always, I am open to tips, feedback, etc.

Any other fun tips for NYC?  Keep them coming!

Note: several people have asked us if we’re planning on seeing a show.  Well – we’re still not sure!  More to come…


  1. Central Park is fabulous to run in…but I DEFINITELY suggest running the West Side Highway too…aka the Greenway.

    Run the west side of Manhattan (the side facing NJ) and not the east since the east side greenway isn’t officially complete. I’d start running wherever you guys are and head downtown towards Brooklyn so you can run under the Brooklyn Bridge and stuff. Beautiful!

      • Haha, surely! 🙂 So yeah, if I had to pick only one, I’d do Central Park just because it has that mystique of ‘running in Central Park’ feel to it. My first nyc run was there too. 🙂 The main 6-mile loop around the park is the most trafficked (is that a word?!) and definitely fun. However, veering off to the tiny little dirt paths is beautiful and I’m always finding new things that I haven’t seen before. Just warning you that the damn park is hilly! haha! And don’t worry about getting too lost. Once you get back to the main pathway, look at the street lamp posts. There’s street markers on them letting you know where you are, such as E54 (aka East 54th St) and W75 (aka West 75th St). Just remember roughly where you started 🙂 (And I refuse to admit how long it took me to realize those stupid street markers were there…shhhh)

        The Greenway is beautiful because you run along the water the whole time and if you’re down by Brooklyn, you get to run under the three main bridges down there. Simply beautiful!

        Umm…I’m trying to think of where to eat and other things to do but that all depends on where you guys will want to wander to! I’ll ponder 🙂

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