NYC Bucket list items…CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Central Park (obviously this is not how it looks in Winter, but you get it)


We returned from our fabulous weekend trip to New York City this morning at 1 AM!  Sure, this morning was a little rough but I actually came in early because I felt pretty awake and knew that if I slowed down, I might go right back to bed 😉

I am going to start some recaps later tonight once my pics are uploaded, but wanted to post the super condensed version of events while they were still fresh in my memory:

  • Saturday – after a delayed start (more on this later) we made it to NYC by about 3:45 PM and headed straight to our hotel to check-in.  That evening was chill; we grabbed a bite to eat, walked around Times Square and the Broadway area, down to 5th Avenue to see decorations and window displays and called it an early-ish night, watching Forest Gump in the hotel while sampling Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.
  • Sunday – hit the pavement around 7:40 AM and ran my Virtual 10K through Central Park!  What a feeling – great way to begin Christmas!  After that invigorating start, we grabbed breakfast, then went on our own walking tour of Manhattan, ending up in Battery Park via lots of colorful neighborhoods!  Saw Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge 🙂  Settled in for the evening with coffee and a cupcake back in the hotel after seeing the WAY TOO LONG lines for show tickets!
  • Monday – made it down to Ess-a-Bagel for a magical carb start to the day!  Soo good.  Toured around Central Park, walked by the Zoo, saw Grand Central Station and subway’ed it back to Little Italy for Lombardi’s and then did our last round of Times Square before bussing it back to our stomping grounds in VA.

Whewwwww!  It was whirlwind, but definitely a great experience!  Can’t wait to share the photos 🙂

What was your 2011 Christmas highlight?


2 thoughts on “Mission: ACCOMPLISHED!!

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