Running in Central Park – my Virtual 10K recap!

Don’t you love when things just fall into place?

They definitely did, this past Sunday (CHRISTMAS!) when I had six miles planned for the weekend as a ‘scale back’ weekend on my Shamrock Marathon training plan.  Since we would be on our weekend trip to New York City, I was excited that I’d be able to do my run in Central Park – a major bucket-list run that I’ve dreamt of since becoming a runner!

…so imagine my UTTER EXCITEMENT when I realized that some of my favorite bloggers were planning a Virtual 10K to take place over the holiday weekend!  Yes!  And for those not as acquainted with the kilometer to mile conversion, that’s 6.2 miles 😉  So, it synced magically with my plans!

Of course, I signed up ASAP and got to doing a little research on running in Central Park.  I knew that the path around was about 6+ miles but my hotel was about .75 miles away, so I wanted to take that into consideration.

Additionally, I checked around with some NYC-area bloggers that I read to hear their suggestions for a CP run.  I was excited when Ali helped with some advice about a path.

And since I am pretty directionally challenged and needed a visual…I checked out the map of the park as well:

Central Park Trails

(click here for an interactive version)

So, I was all set to run from our hotel >> Central Park South >> up to the Reservoir >> loop & back!

It went swimmingly, too! I had packed my new running tights, a lulu longsleeve and my new Target c9 pullover, plus my camelbak with grape nuun…temps were high 30’s and honestly, by the time I reached the park (1 mile mark-ish – I got every green light on the way there!) I tied the pullover around my waist and was just fine!

The park was easy to navigate and there were SO MANY RUNNERS it was a great feeling to be out there!  As I traversed the rolling hills of the park and took in all the sights (Central Park really is amazing) I felt so lucky to be happy and healthy, able to run and see the city in this unique way!

Once I hit 6.2 miles, I reported in to dailymile and was delighted to see a respectable time of 51 minutes and some change for a leisurely run!  My standing PR is 49 minutes, if that gives a reference!  I was again overcome with happiness thinking about how far I had come in the past year, running and fitness-wise!  🙂

I didn’t snap any pics for this ‘race’ but the energy I gleaned from it definitely powered me through the rest of our wonderful Christmas sightseeing day!  This was probably my most vivid and anticipated memory of our New York trip and I know it’ll last for years to come!

Do you run virtual races?  

This was my second!  Check out a recap of my first virtual race here >> Cupcake Classic


  1. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. Yay awesome job with the fundraising! I live in NYC so let me know if you have anymore Central Park route questions:)

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